Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Update on Matt

Matt is doing really well. After he spent 4 days in ICU and then another 3 days out of ICU but still in the hospital, they finally let him go home. Then it was my turn to take care of him. I felt like the time they just sent me home from the hospital with a newborn. What am I suppose to do now????

He was sent home with a Life Vest. It's actually a defibrillator vest that he has to wear all the time. If his heart suddenly stops, it will shock him. He has to wear it for 3 months, and if his heart functions don't improve, they will implant a defibrillator inside his chest. The funniest thing is the way this thing looks when he wears it. For the first week, if he had his shirt off, the girls and I would walk past him saying "Nice bra!"

The only diet restrictions he is on right now is his sugars. He as type 2 Diabetes and, from what I could tell, the meds that he was on before wasn't really controlling it. He now has to give himself insulin injections after each meal. It's not too bad changing our diets, I found a lot of great recipes online and I bought a cookbook named 1001 delicious recipes for Diabetics. I am also trying to cook fish at least once a week. This is huge because I HATE fish. But I am willing to try it for the sake of his health. We also take a walk as a family after dinner.

The biggest lifestyle change is that Matt and I have both quit smoking. I know that we should have done this a long time ago, but it took something this major to finally get it through our thick skulls! I am officially 2 weeks smoke free!!!! (Matt's a little longer because I finished off the carton that we bought before the heart attack.)

It's not as hard as I thought. We just have to remember if he smokes, he dies. If I smoke, he dies. Easy peasey lemon squeezey!!!

The worst part was that poor Matt had to spend his birthday in the hospital. But I tried to make the best of it for him. I brought him some party hats and his birthday present consisted of board games and card games. I sat in the hospital with him all day and played games with him. I also took a few pictures.

He just went for his "post heart attack" stress test, and the doctors were impressed with how well he's doing. There are 5 phases to the stress test, and he got through 3/4 of the 3rd phase. Most victims only get through 2 phases.

It's a long road, but we are all heading down it together and Matt is doing great.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Class of 1990!!

This Saturday, I am suppose to attend my 20 year class reunion. When I RSVP'd a month ago, I was excited! I mean I had a month to drop a few pounds, get a new outfit, and basically glam myself up, right?

WRONG!!!!!! Since I RSVP'd, I have not had a moment to myself! In fact, up until yesterday, I had forgotten about it completely.

Now here we are, less than 5 days away and I am stuck. My roots are out of control and I can't get into the salon. I don't have anything spectacular to wear, and needless to say, I haven't been to the gym in months.

What's a girl to do? I called my friend DeeDee and told her that I feel too fat and ugly to attend.

Her response was "GET OVER IT!!!"

She asked me if there were people going that I really wanted to see? I said yes and she said. "Do you really care what they look like now or if they gained some weight since high school?"

No! I couldn't care less if they gained weight. They were my friends and I would love to see them again!

So, I'm going to stop being so vain, go and have a good time.

This is what I looked like back in the day. (I'm the blond one) If I look any different than this, it can only be an improvement. LOL!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Thump...Thump...Is This Thing On?

Is there anyone out there????? Can you hear me????? Do you even care anymore????

Life has definitely thrown us some curves this last year. I am currently not employed but I definitely am working. Between my father, my family and now a great uncle, I am busier than a one-armed paper hanger!

First the good news, after a year and a half of driving him to and from work, Uncle Jim FINALLY got a car!!!!

Emerson started middle school and Vivienne started Kindergarten. They both seem to be enjoying it.

Matt got a new job with his company so he is now in the office. Which didn't come a moment too soon. Because on Sept. 4th Matt suffered a massive heart attack.

He's fine now and on the fast road to recovery (he wrote a post about it). But I can't tell you how scared I was.

I also have a great uncle whom I have been looking after. His name is Tom, he's 82 and lives alone, so we started doing odd jobs for him.

Last week, I went to the DMV to get his vehicle sticker. I called him to ask him a question and it turned out that he was stuck in bed with a twisted knee. I wasn't able to get into the house, so he had to try to open the window and throw me the keys. When I got in there, he couldn't get up to get anything to drink or eat. He couldn't get his meds that were in the kitchen or my phone number, He was trapped and I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't called him!

His "twisted knee" turned out to be an infection in his knee replacement. He is still in the hospital and called me almost hourly when I am not there with some problem.

Last night it was because he believed that his penis had disappeared. I went there this morning and assured him that it was still there without actually having to verify it. The meds that they have him on make him a little loopy.

Now that the kids are back in school, and Matt's back at work, I have a few minutes for myself. I am going to blogging again and I will be over to read all of you guys too.