Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Me...Modest??? More Like Hilda!

Brace yourselves, I got a lot to say today.

I used to be the girl who went to the gym and got dressed in the bathroom stall so no one would see.

Then I had Emerson and my modesty left my body. Whatever residual modesty I had, was gone after I had Vivi.

Go ahead and judge, but I have no problem walking from the shower to the bedroom sans clothing. Unless, of course if we have guests, then I cover up...sometimes.

I found it quite amusing when I had my airbrushing done today and the girls were with me. The technician asked if I wanted to put up a screen so the girls couldn't see me. ( I was topless because the dress I'm wearing shows cleavage and I didn't want it to be white)
I am not a swimsuit model by even the farthest stretches of the imagination and there are puckers and lumps on my body that I am not proud of, but I am trying my hardest to teach my daughters that true beauty comes from the inside. The common phase in our house is; "Pretty Is as Pretty Does." Then I usually have to translate it for them as "It doesn't matter what you look like, if you keep acting like that, no one will think you're pretty!" or "That ugly attitude does not make you pretty!" and finally "Let your sister out of the hamper!!!!"
With a very "beauty oriented" society, it's not as easy as it may seem. I am just as guilty of outer-beauty vanity with my wrinkle creams and make-up and even my obsession of pin-up girls.

Then I was reminded of something this Christmas. Something that I completely forgot about until my mother and her best friend Kendra reminded me.

We were talking about my obsession of pin-up girls, it might have been an intervention, but it didn't work.

All of a sudden, Kendra says to my mother "Do you remember Hilda?"

Then my mother says "Oh yeah...Hilda!"

That's all that they had to say and the memories came flooding back.

My Grandmother (or Great Grandmother) had kept a Hilda Calendar and I looked at it all the time when I was little. I was just mesmerized by it.

Hilda was created by an artist names Duane Bryers who was born in 1911. He is more well know for is portraits of the west, but as far as I'm concerned (but who the hell am I??) Hilda is his greatest achievement.

I got this from They are a much bigger authority on Hilda than I am. They even have an interview with Duane Bryers.

Below are many of Duane Bryers' incredible Hilda paintings done specifically for Bigelow & Brown's Hilda calendars. These were illustrated between 1957 and 1970 although Mr. Bryers continued to do original paintings for the calendars until the early 1980s. These were all primarily rendered in watercolor employing the service of a number of plus-size models, but more often than not, he used no model at all, a feat most impressive.

Hilda is the reason for my pin-up obsession. I can't believe I forgot about her! But now she's like a long lost friend and I can't get enough. I shall now keep my eyes out for Hilda merchandise. I will be searching flea markets, antique stores, as well as the Internet for anything I can find.

I think this beautiful buxom country girl is a perfect role model!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wednesday Haiku to You

I know it's a little early, but I can't blog at work anymore.

BTW, I'm getting airbrushed tomorrow for a wedding on Saturday. I'll let you know if it looks good or if I look like an Oompa Loompa.

Without further ado...A haiku!

Here's to your New Year

May it be filled to the brim

With Vintage Pin-ups!

Monday, December 29, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different!

Here are a few random pictures of Emerson and Vivienne with one of Matt and I thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!

I know you all want my hat...but you CAN'T HAVE IT! I stole it from a 1930's newsboy fair and square!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Johnny Depp Monday

That Was Very Rude of Me!

I bragged that I mastered the 3 column layout, but I didn't tell you how to do it.

All the information you need is on Tips for New Bloggers. You can figure out how to do anything with this site.

I highly suggest that if you plan on using a layout other that ones that are supplied by Blogger,(, or Pyzam) you backup your current layout and then change it to the Minima layout that Blogger offers.

Follow the directions for 3 column Minima and then go and get the designed layout that you want. I used a regular layout from not the 3 column ones they offer. They were too wide and I was losing the designs on the sides.

OK, there you go. Go Forth and Create!

I Have Master The Internets!

As most of you probably already noticed, I have changed my layout once again. It took me 2 days to figure out the 3 column layout, but I did it!

Not only that, I was able to figure out the button thingy! If you would like my button, it's on the bottom of the blog right under archived posts.

There you have it, I have mastered the Internets! ( I love calling it that, it makes Matt crazy!)

Next stop, World Dominance!

***UPDATE***** I have not figured out the button, I have to fix it, so it won't be there right now. I will put it back when it's fixed.

****UPDATE#2**** I think I got it, if it doesn't work, let me know.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas is over and we're all a year older. Well, all of you are a year older, I miraculously have stayed the same age since I was 27.

Christmas Eve was pretty uneventful. My mother came and picked the girls and me up so when Matt got off of work, he could drive down to her house.

We had dinner at her house, Prime Rib, Yorkshire Pudding, and Asparagus. She really is the best cook! She should have a cooking show on The Food Network!

Then we opened presents. I would have pictures, but there is something wrong with our USB cord (can't find it) so I can't post them. (But I promise I will post them as soon as we rectify the situation)

Of course, my mother completely spoiled her grandchildren (not to mention Matt and I) She gave us a Wii and Guitar Hero. I also got a Twilight purse. (That's right, I said purse!!!)

Emerson got a pair of Uggs that I wish fit me and a couple of other really cool things.

Vivi got a toy dog that rolls over and a couple of other fun things.

On Christmas morning, we woke up and Santa had left us two new members to our family; Edward and Bella, 2 Russian Tortoises. And for your information, Emerson named them, not me!

I gotta say, they are really low maintenance. They eat fresh veggies and they only go to the bathroom if you put them in water. They don't bite and they don't make any noise. I highly recommend them as a pet. The only downside is that they will probably out live us all. They are suppose to live about 100 years, so that means they will be willed to my grandchildren.

The girls also got a bunch of other things like movies, toys, Wii games, a guitar and a digital art desk.

After we opened presents, we went to Denny's for breakfast. They have a new breakfast item. They take pancake batter and deep fry it. Then they roll the little balls in cinnamon sugar and serve it with syrup dipping sauce. They're called Pancake Puppies and they're just what the doctor ordered for a very busy Christmas morning along with a bottomless coffee cup.

After breakfast, we went to my dad's house. There, the Emerson got the Leap Frog Crammer. You download tests from your school text books so you can make flash cards and study for any tests. (It also has a built in MP3 player because you can't study without tunes!)

Vivi got the Leap Frog Tag. It's a little pen that you run across the words in one of the Tag books and it reads each word. She LOVES it!

Everyone also got Webkins! The girls each got 2 and Matt and I got 1 each. (That means Matt and I got 2 each because Vivi just likes the stuffed animals)

After my father's house, we took the 1 1/2 HOUR DRIVE to my Mother-in-Law's house. At both of these houses, we weren't expecting to eat. At my dad's, they pulled out the Cheese Goo, which is a dip with pretzels. I can't tell you exactly what's in it but it has cucumbers, french dressing, and cream cheese in it. I don't know why it's called Cheese Goo, I only know that's addicting!

At My Mother-in-Law's house, she made a COMPLETE turkey dinner! We opened presents and the girls got a few outfits, Hannah Montana and Wonder Pets toys.

After that, we we got back in the car and were on our way (ANOTHER 1 1/2 HOURS) to more family's house. We got a call when we were about 40 minutes away to tell us that we shouldn't feel obligated to go there, everyone was getting tired and ready to leave. I was a little disappointed, but also relieved, it had been a really long day. So, we went home and to bed.

On Friday, we got up to an ice storm. I took the girls (carefully) to my work where they played with my boss's new puppy and a friend of theirs, Tyler. Thankfully, work was completely dead and we went home about 2pm.

That was it, our Christmas. And now you know why my favorite day of the year is December 26th.

Flashback Saturday

Today I am posting 2 post for Flashback Saturday, part 1 and part 2 from this past March.

I will post tomorrow about Christmas, I'm still recovering.

OOHHHH That's Smarts!!!!!

Last night at bowling I got my pinky finger crushed in between two balls. And this is what it looks like this morning.

The consensus is that I either broke the tip of my finger or that it is a huge blood blister. Either case, I have to go to the doctor tonight. I really should quit bowling, it seems to be hazardous to my health.


Survey Says...SON OF A....!!!!!!

I went to the doctor last night after I picked up Emerson from my dad’s house. They took and x-ray of my finger and decided that it might not be broken. The Radiologist has to look at the x-rays today. In the meantime, they brought me an ibuprofen AND THEN SOME REALLY BIG NEEDLES!!!!!!!! The doctor and the nurse, in their infinite wisdom, decided that they are going to poke at my finger to release some pressure. My reaction to this was “THE HELL YOU ARE!!” But I was out voted. They coaxed Emerson out of the room with stickers and as soon as she closed the door, BAM! In went the needle and out came quite a few choice words. Not to mention the tears.

Now here’s where it gets bad, so if you have a queasy stomach, stop reading now.

Apparently, what is suppose to happen is that as soon as the needle goes in, a great geyser of blood is suppose to come out and I am suppose to thank the doctor for relieving the pain. That didn’t happen, so she dug around a bit. The Nurse held my other arm so I didn’t slug the doctor. When nothing appeared, the doctor suggested that we use a bigger needle. That’s when I got up to leave. They sat me back down with promises that they won’t jab me anymore. But they told me that if the nail turns black I have to come back. I mutter under my breathe something about hell freezing over.

They wrapped my finger up in a way so that if there is any blood, it might squeeze out. My pinkie looks like a trailer hitch.

And then, and this is my favorite part, the doctor told me that because she was digging around my finger, my blood will probably become infected. So, she prescribed some antibiotics.

I called today to see if my x-ray has been read and to see if I could get something a little better for the pain. The 2 ibuprofen every 4 hours is not cutting it. I was up all night long with the throbbing.

At least the bandage is Cubbie Blue.
Update on the Finger: It was broken, so digging around in it with a needle probably wasn't the best solution.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wednesday Haiku To You

What is it they say?

A Merry Christmas to all

Too all a Goodnight

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Letter to Mother Nature, Awards, and A Mission

Dear Mother Nature,

I just want to drop you a note to let you know that I get it, I really do.

How funny was it to watch Matt get his tongue stuck to the zipper on his jacket? I was laughing right along with you.

I know I look extra cute in my black and white checked hounds tooth newsboy cap with the matching black and white striped gloves and scarf. I had you in mind when I bought them.

I totally agree that kids do look so cute when they are building snowmen or making snow angels all bundled up so tight in their snowsuits that they can't put their arms down.

You are right, Christmas just wouldn't be the same without snow and if I don't like it I should move to Florida.

And finally, I can almost hear you giggling each morning lately when I walk outside after spending a ton of time getting the kids and myself ready only to have to run back in because the minute the Arctic air hits me, I have to pee. You are a funny, funny lady!

That being said, do you think that maybe you can let up just a little? After all, it's only December, you have 2 more months to torture us. Not to mention, the havoc you can wreak in March. You know what I'm talking about, 80 degrees one day, snowing the next.
So, as a good faith gesture from you, do you think that instead of the 4-6" of snow the weatherman is calling for tomorrow, you can maybe push it somewhere else? Maybe Virginia, Blue Ridge Gal is dying to see some snow.

For my part, I will get rid of all the fluro-carbon filled hairspray I stock piled from the 70's and will recycle all of my booze bottles from now on. (The size of that last job should prove how serious I am)

What do you say, do we have a deal?

Please respond ASAP so I can sleep in a little and don't have get up at the butt crack of dawn to go start my car and scrape the windows, OK?


One of my new Bloggy Friends, Kimmy over at Our Life's Journey had bestowed this lovely award on me. Thank You!

The award states "This blog invests and believes the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships!These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

I have given this award to some of you before, so now I'm going to give it to some of my new friends.

Cate at Show My Face

And Finally Matt over at My Side of The Story (I don't want him to cry)

Enjoy your award, you all deserve it!
Every one, go visit and give them a bloggy congrats!

And Finally, I have received a request.

Jen over at Casual Slack would like to see a Bea Arthur Monday instead of my Johnny Depp Monday.

Even though this is something I've been toying with (who doesn't love Bea?) I don't think there are enough clean pictures of Bea on the web to warrant a whole day of the week. (Trust me, I have seem a little too much then I bargained for)

Therefore, I have created this little holiday gem for Jen and all of you, if you want it.

Please forgive my crude paint job and the fact it's not a button. (I'm getting closer but still don't have it down yet)


Johnny Depp Monday

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Flashback Saturday

This post is one I did in January about a party we had in October.


My Mother never got to go to prom, so for her 60th birthday we had one for her. We let everyone know ahead of time so they could get there prom attire together and then we hit the resale shops. I personally bought 6 dresses, but never spent over $20 total. The only thing I couldn’t decide was what decade I wanted to go as. Then Matt and I decided that we were going to go 80’s prom because that is when we went to school. That’s when HE went to school, I am MUCH younger. (At least that’s my story) We found a really great store that had 80’s stuff and Matt did Flock of Seagull’s hair.

The girls were a different matter, they don’t sell prom dresses in their sizes at the resale shops, at least not any that I went to. We hit the mall for those dresses and a suit for my nephew Gage. Of course we spent a lot more money on those outfits, but it was totally worth it. Emerson wanted an updo, so I took her to a salon to get it done. She said she felt like a princess.

Everyone had a great time, and at the end of the evening we crowned Mom the Prom Queen.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Awards, Give Aways and Honesty.

So, you would have thought that today was actually Christmas! I got a few awards, 5" of snow and we ALL get an opportunity to smell good! Something I know that you all would appreciate, depending on how long you've been sitting at your computer.

The first award I got today is from Tori over at Torizworld. She is a wonderful friend from across the pond.

It is so fitting for her to give this award, she truly makes lemonade out of life's lemons.
I also got this award from Angi over at Making Memories. I am kind of new to Angi's blog, but we have become fast friends. Go over and give them some bloggy love. (I'm suppose to give this to 10 people, but I can't, see bottom of post)
Isn't it adorable??

The next two awards are from Michelle (Heathersister) over at Tales from the Lunchroom. I think I might have mentioned her and her sister once or twice before. In case you've forgotten, her button is on my sidebar. (Man, I wish I could figure out how to make a button!)

This second award has rules to it, I am suppose to list 10 HONEST things about me. This is going to be tough, I don't know what I haven't already told you. But, here it goes.

1) I will not have anymore children on a count of some medical problems and the fact that I don't want anymore.

2) I don't like being told what to do, EVER!! Much to the dismay of my boss.

3) As much as I like to go out and have a good time, I prefer to stay at home in my pjs.

4) I am incredibly selfish. (I don't want to be, it just happens)

5) I need constant attention, ergo, the blog.

6) I hate being home by myself

7) I resent my sister a little for moving away and leaving me with our parents.

8) My hair is not really this blond (now that's pretty honest)

9) I am completely terrified of bats and wrinkles.

10) (The BIGGIE!!!!) I don't have any teeth, I had them pulled after I had Vivi and I now have dentures. ( It was really hard to tell you that, I don't know why.)

Whooo! Cleansed! That was a lot to go through for an award, but it was worth it.

If you don't have any of these awards and you want them, they are yours! It's the giving season after all. But if you take the honesty one, you have to put down your list. Let me know if you do and I will come over and be your cheering section.

And finally, the Grand Give-away from the Grand Pooba!
Pooba is giving away a fabulous basket from Bath and Body Works. If you haven't yet visited her blog, by all means go! She is so much fun!!

So, there you go. Get some awards, and go enter the give-away.
And if anyone knows how to make a button, I beg of you, please tell me!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's A Bird...It's A Plane... It's A...A...Ummm...What is That?

A Conversation tonight with Matt when he got home.

Matt: "Hi Bay, How was your day?" (I don't know why he calls me that, I think it used to be Babe, but he got lazy and this is what came out)

Me: "Fine"

Matt: "What are you wearing?"

Me: "What... My pajamas."

Matt: "I was referring to your Twilight blanket, why are you wearing it as a cape?"

Me: "I was trying out different ways to wear it so I can wear it out of the house, what do you think?"

Matt: "You look like a deranged super hero."

Me: "" "What about as a skirt?"

Matt: "Don't make me call Tim Gunn again."

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bask In It's Hotness!!

Tonight was our last night of bowling before the Christmas break. We won't be bowling (read drinking and talking about inappropriate, nasty things) until after the first of the year.

So, we had our little Christmas party tonight. Our team, which is named Becky and the Bandits (I wanted Dirty Pirate Hookers, but was out voted) do things a little different than the other teams.

Instead of buying a little something for each teammate, we buy one bigger gift without a name on it. We stack them on the chairs and if you get a strike or a spare you can change around the presents. After the 3 games you get the present that is on your chair.

It's always been great fun, but this year we decided to change it up even more.

A couple of weeks ago, we picked names out of a hat and had a Secret Santa. This was loads of fun because you were able to pick something out that you knew that person would love.

I got my friend Kristin and I made her a photobook on At first I was a little worried, I wasn't sure I had a lot of pictures of Kristin. Oh MY, was I wrong, and it's OK that if you look at it, it looks like we all belong in the Betty Ford Center, we had fun!!! It turned out great and she loved it! (At least I think she did, if not she's a great actress)

My friend Denise got my name and when I opened my present, to what do my wondering eyes should appear????

That's right! AN EDWARD BLANKET!!!!!!!! This is why Denise is like a sister to me, she just gets me!! (She also got me an awesome Johnny Depp magnet!)

Was I complaining about being cold earlier? I no longer think that will be a problem! Edward and I are going to bed now and we're putting the Do Not Disturb sign on the door.

P.S. Socks are great! But make sure you don't bowl in them. For the longest time I couldn't figure out the sensation I was feeling, then I realized that my feet were hot. I don't think that has ever happened. Also, I got them at Dick's Sporting Goods but Cabella's and Bass Pro Shop would probably carry them or something even better. Maybe one day Iwill learn to knit and I can make myself a pair.

Desperate Times Call For Some Desperate Foot Covers!

We live in Chicago and... it's Friggin' COLD!!!!

So far this year we have had freezing rain, about 12" of snow, actual temperatures in the single digits, wind chills below 0, a Governor trying to sell a Senate seat, and it's not even winter yet!!! Things are not looking good, my friends!

Today, I had to take some drastic measures. I went over to the Sporting Goods/Outdoorsy/"I'm going Kayaking once I get out of this board meeting" store to see what I could find in a sock.

Now, I didn't just want any kind of sock. The kind of sock I require can only be described as an "Into The Wild" sock. You know the kind; The "I live outdoors and have absolutely no intention of setting foot into a heated structure again, only an abandoned school bus in the middle of nowhere until I die of eating poisoned berries" kind of sock. And they're hard to find.

My feet are perpetually cold. They are cold at work, they are cold at home, in the car, everywhere!!! I wear my big winter boots but it doesn't seem to help.

Usually I make Matt sit on my feet when we watch TV, but he won't do it that much anymore because he says they're like sitting on blocks of ice. (My nose and my butt are cold all the time too, but that's a story for another day!)

So, today I got me some Wigwam 40 Below socks, proudly made in Sheboygan USA. (I don't understand why they didn't put Wisconsin, I think it would be a bigger selling point if people knew they were made in the northern part of the country where it can actually get to 40 below.)

These are 50% Wool, 48% Nylon, 2% Spandex, and as the package states; Cushiony all over . They have a one year comfort guarantee and I got them in army green so no one else in the house will wear them. If they work, I am going to get all the colors they carry.

Now, if they only made them in bikini briefs, I would be all set for the winter.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Am Overwhelmed!!!

I cannot express the gratitude and love that I have for all of you!! I truly appreciate all of your warm wishes and kind words.

I was very down yesterday, and I really didn't know where to turn. I had no idea that Matt told you guys the whole story until I got up in the morning and saw all of your lovely comments.

After I read Matt's blog and your comments, I started to think about the situation once again. But this time I didn't feel what I felt the day before. There was no knot in my stomach, my shoulders didn't hunch in despair, I didn't feel sad. Without those other feelings, I was able to wrap my brain around it and I finally came up with what can only be described as an epiphany.

I have never been happier with in my life than in the last three years. I am a better person now and here's a list of reasons:

1) I was able to make new and better friends without worrying about how the new friend would be received.

2) I am able to tell my new friends exactly how I feel. We are able to talk without fearing how it is heard or that it might end the friendship

3) I was able to start and continue my blog without ridicule. In turn making some wonderful and (I hope) lasting friendships.

4) I don't have to edit myself or my family just in case they stumble on a "sore subject"

I realize that all of these things have something to do with fear, and that is just sad! Friendship should not be about fear.

I want to thank you again for everything you did for me yesterday. You made a very bad day go away so fast. (Where were you 3 years ago???!! LOL!)
So, when I got finally got home today after it took me an hour and a half!!!! (Stupid snow storm!!!) I went on the computer and made all of you an award from me. I hope you display it on your blog to let everyone know how much you mean to me. Now I have two "awards" for you.
The first one is for everyone as a token of my appreciation.

The second one is for all of you as well, but I'm not sure you would appreciate it as much if you didn't read the books or seen the movie. You are of course welcome to it and if you haven't read them or seen the movie, trust me, it's true.

Again, thank you. I only hope that I can be there for all of you as you were for me.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bad Day!

Bad things transpired today. Very bad things!

Everyone is OK, no one is hurt or sick or anything tragic like that.

I cannot blog about it, because I don't want to dump it on you.

I will read and comment on all of your blogs, but the way I feel right now, I probably won't be posting anytime soon.

You guys know where to look, if you want to hear about our family.

Thank you and I'm sorry to have to write this.

Johnny Depp Monday

Friday, December 12, 2008

Getting Funky with PBS

Remember this program is brought to you by the McArthur Foundation and Viewers like YOU!!

GO TinkyWinky...Work it out...Work it out! Get Your Groove on! UH...UH...GO Tinky....GO GO GO Tinky!!

Flashback Saturday

Here is a post from back in January when I dyed my hair pink. I picked this one, because I am thinking about doing it again.

And away we go!!!!!!

I'm A T-Bird Chick...At Least 'Til Grad!!

♪ ♪ The Pink Ladies pledge is to act coool…

To look coool…And to be coool. ♪ ♪

♪ ♪ Till Death do us part…THINK PINK! ♪ ♪

Our 3rd Child

It has recently come to my attention that we have a 3rd child. She is 4 years old, her name is Stacy and she is Vivi’s imaginary friend.

But our relationship with Stacy is a little weird. She doesn’t live with us, even though she is over all the time, she lives in her imaginary house.

I am not her mother; she has her own imaginary mother, although we have never met formally.

Vivi and Stacy are always together. The other day, Vivi was tiptoeing through the living room, whispering to “someone” behind her. They were on their way to the bathroom to see if another imaginary friend is in there. I don’t know the new friend, but I’m sure I’ll get to know him or her very soon.

Everyday we have to sing Happy Birthday to Stacy because everyday is her birthday. She must be 75 years old by now, but Vivi insists that she is still 4.

Stacy is a bit accident prone too. Here are some conversations between Vivi and Me about Stacy.

Vivi: “Stacy fell off her bike.”

Me: “Oh no! Did she hurt herself?”

Vivi: “Her head bleed.”

Me: “That’s terrible; she should wear a helmet and be more careful”


While driving on the expressway.

Vivi: “Stacy fell out of the car.”

Me: “Oh…I guess she’ll have to run and catch up to us.”

Vivi: “Ok, she’s back in the car.”

Me: “Wow that was fast!”

Vivi : “Yeah, she’s a fast runner.”


While I was fighting with Emerson about her homework

Vivi: “Mommy, why you mad at Emmy?”

Me: “She won’t do her homework.”

Vivi: “Stacy did all her homework.”

Me: “Good.”

Vivi: “You mad at Stacy?”

Me: “If she did all her homework, then I have no beef with her.”

Vivi: “OK.”


Vivi: "Stacy died."

Me: "She did?"

Vivi: "Yep, she fell in the water and died, but her mommy saved her"

Me: "She's alright now?"

Vivi: "Yep, she's right here."

Me: "Oh, hi Stacy, I didn't see you there." "Glad you're ok."


I was reading that an imaginary friend is usually the child’s alter ego. If your child is afraid of the dark, the imaginary child may not be afraid and that is how the child deals with their fear.

If you have a “good” child and the imaginary friend is naughty, this may be that your child feels that they have too many rules or punishments.

So, what does it mean if your child’s imaginary friend is a klutz?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday's Haiku To You

Lying in my bed

Making all kinds of demands

I'm the worst sickie

But, I'm feeling much better now. Thank you for all of your well wishes

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Disease Seige...Day 2

I'm home again, but at least Matt was home this morning to get the kids out to school and daycare.

I feel terrible, but the guilt of not being at work is worse. I know that I can't go. I know that they don't want me there spreading my plague, but I can't help but feel bad that I'm not contributing.

I called the doctor, he wasn't there today, but I got the Nurse Practitioner. She is very nice and told me that 95% of the people that they are seeing have the exact symptoms that I have. So, because I'm not elderly or have auto-immune deficiency, she doesn't need to see me. It's viral and there is not much she can do except let it run it's course. She suggested Tylenol for the fever, aches and pains, and to come in if I'm not feeling better in a couple of days.

I'm happy with that, I hate going to the doctor, I would much rather stay in my pajamas and watch movies all day.

Monday, December 8, 2008

As Luck Would Have It, I'm Not Dead Yet.

I have been fight off something. It consists of a stomach thing, a stuffy nose, a headache, all over aches and pains,a fever, but as my luck would have it, it hasn't killed me...yet.

I did not go to work today and I didn't have the strength to feed, dress and take the children to school, so they stayed with me. (Mother of the year, RIGHT HERE!!)

I do have to say that Emerson was the best thing to have with me, that is if I can't have 24 hour nursing care.

The way she acted today, makes me believe that there is hope for my older feeble years. She made her and Vivi sandwiches. She made me "coffee" which was chocolate milk in a tea cup.

She let me take a nap and then put Vivi and herself in the tub. Washed hair and then got out and got Vivi and herself into pjs.

I was so impressed, that I texted Matt and he brought her home a present. She got herself a brand new Webkin. And just to make me feel better, he brought me one too.

I am so glad she is turning out to be a kind and considerate person, because frankly, I had my doubts.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Johnny Depp Monday

Ahhhh...21 Jump Street!!! When I was first introduced to a young Johnny via my television every Sunday night. I now own every episode the Johnny was in on DVD and can relive those early teen memories.

I Got Tagged...Sort Of.

Jeanne at Jeanne's Happy World gave this tag to the first 8 people who commented. I was one of them, so here it goes.

8 TV shows I love to watch:

True Blood
Grey's Anatomy
Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother
Two and A Half Men
Big Love
Life on Mars
Whatever the kids put on the TV

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:

Got sick
Cried my eyes out because I was convinced I was pregnant
Took Emerson bowling
Realized at bowling that I had jelly on my shirt.
Went to my dad's house
Took a nap on my father's couch while the girls decorated his tree
Got 3 Christmas presents done
Got the proof that I wasn't pregnant but just have a flu.

8 Favorite Places to Eat:

Tong's Tiki Hut
Dave's Italian Kitchen
Barnaby's Pizza
Golden Corral
Sweet Baby Ray's
Mom's House
The Elk's Club
Your house, but you never invite me over anymore!

8 Things That I Am Looking Forward To:

December 26th
Breakfast ( I haven't eaten yet, and I'm hungry!)
Baseball season
Vacation (not that I have one planned)
The day that everyone stops arguing with me and realizes that I'm right.
All of your answers to these questions

8 Things On My Wish List:

Well behaved children who listen
World Peace
Johnny Depp
Love and Happiness for all my family and friends
Clothes without jelly on them
Stephanie Meyer to finish the 5th book and write more and more and more and more about The Cullens
More Entertaining stories to amuse you.
20 minutes in the bathtub alone without little hand "helping" me wash.

8 People I Tag:

Anyone who wants to. Just leave me a comment so I can go and read all of your answers.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Survey

Tori had posted this on her blog today, I had gotten the email yesterday and filled it out. I have to say with the Internet problem, the fight with Matt's Aunt, the disease I have been fighting, I wasn't much into the "Christmas Spirit" and I think my answers may have reflected that.

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? brown paper bags and newspaper

2. Real tree or Artificial – Whatever's left at the lot at 11:59pm on Christmas Eve

3. When do you put up the tree? Right before the kids get up.

4. When do you take the tree down? Right after the kids get up.

5. Do you like eggnog? No, just the rum

6. Favorite gift received as a child? Red Rider BB Gun, Oh wait, that wasn't me.

7. Hardest person to buy for? Everyone but me

8. Easiest person to buy for? Me

9. Do you have a nativity scene? Just in the evening when we act it out.

10.Mail Christmas cards or e-mail? Christmas Chain Letters

11.Worst Christmas gift you ever received? We'll see what I get this year, and then I'll make the decision.

12. When do you start shopping for Christmas? Right after we get the tree Christmas Eve.

13. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? All of them, I've never had to buy one present.

14. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Reindeer

15. Lights on the tree? Only when it's on fire.

16. Favorite Christmas song? Bohemian Rapsody

17 . Travel at Christmas or stay home? I ride in a sleigh with a fat guy every year.

18. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer's? Doc, Happy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey, Bashful, Sleepy, Slutty, Drunky.

19. Angel on the tree top or a star? Angel of Death

20. Open presents on Christmas Eve or morning? Morning, we can't open without presents or a tree!!!!!

21. Most annoying thing about this time of the year? Christmas

22. Favorite ornament theme or color? black

23. Favorite for Christmas dinner? Reindeer

24. What do you want for Christmas this year? World Dominance

25. Who is most likely to respond to this? You

26. Who is least likely to respond to this? You

Maybe today will be better, but probably not.

If you would like to play, just paste it on your blog and comment back here to let me know.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Flashback Saturday

Here's a post from February. It's something you probably didn't know about Matt.

What Has Matt Been Hiding From Me???

For the past week or so, my husband Matt has been acting quite strange and secretive about something.

Now, when I say "strange", what I mean is, he's been checking the mail everyday and looking rather disappointed after going through it all.

I keep asking him, "Are you okay?", and he would answer, "Yeah". But I just knew something was up! "Are you expecting something in the mail?" I would ask. "Yeah, I am.", he would answer. But now here's the thing... I would ask him, "What are you waiting for?", and his answer every time... "I can't tell you. It's a surprise."

Now, I'm not one for surprises. I HATE the suspense!!! What was this man hiding? What could it be???

Well, I got the answer to the BIG question on Friday night. We were going out to a bar that night to meet up with some friends and see a band, 7th Heaven, that was playing there. (The band was TOTALLY awesome, by the way). Matt was REALLY hoping to get what he was expecting in the mail by the time we went, but unfortunately, it hadn't arrived yet. But he still wanted to make the announcement to everyone.

It turns out that every night after I went to bed, (I get up about an hour before everyone else in the house, so I go to bed a bit earlier that Matt), he was taking on-line courses without anyone knowing about it.

What he had been waiting for was his certificate telling the whole world that he was an official LEGAL Ordained Minster!!! He had spent the last few months studying and taking tests on-line!

So, it turns out, we now have a legally Ordained Minister in the house! He's legal in ALL 50 States. He can perform weddings, funerals, baptisms. He can even council Oh, and he has an official title as well... "Reverend"! He even gets to wear the black shirt with the white collar if he wants! He even gets one of those signs that say "OFFICIAL CLERGY BUSINESS" for the car.(Not that I can think of any reason to use it)

As you can imagine, everyone was VERY excited to hear the news! We even did a few toasts that night to our very own "Rev. Matt".

Matt has always been a very spiritual person, he spent 9 years in Catholic school and then when he got older, he moved away from Catholicism. He is very knowledgeable about the bible and takes his spirituality very serious. He would never take this lightly and has spent a long time researching this and months taking all the tests.

That being said, I must admit, I've never been a very religious person, but it's nice to know that if I ever do something that needs forgiveness, I don't need to leave the house.

Since this post in February, Matt has buried my grandmother, performed a vow renewal ceremony and is booked for a wedding in March.

OK...OK...Nobody PANIC...Warren Is On The Job!!

This has been a HELL week for the Internet!!!! When I got to work on Tuesday, I had every intention of getting on the Internet and join in the fun on the SITS site. They were giving a prize away every hour and I was going to be a part of it. I went on my Explorer and clicked on my blog and a big white screen pop-up; "WARNING!!!!! THIS SITE HAS BEEN BLOCK BY (my corporation)" and then it said it in French (stupid Canadian corporate office!!) So, I can't access anything at work!!! What am I going to do all day?? My job??

On Wednesday, I got home and RAN to the computer (pushing children out of the way) and signed on...NOTHING!!!! We had no Internet connection!!! Matt came home and tried to call, but it was late and he couldn't get through to anyone. No Internet at all on Wednesday night.

On Thursday, Matt called and it turns out that when we set up the automated paying option, they didn't think we were serious and they didn't take their money. He fixed the glitch with the company (the woman apologized quite a bit for the misunderstanding) When he asked when we were going to have service back, she said that she could guarantee it for 10AM Friday morning.

FRIDAY MORNING???!!!!! Did she not understand that I have responsibilities to my readers??? What was I suppose to do on Thursday night??? She wasn't sympathetic to the cause.

On Fridays, I have to get to work at 6AM in order to be able to pick Em up from school at 3:30. Today, while fighting a touch of the stomach flu, I was also meeting Matt's mom at Kohl's for the "Vivi hand-off" and to do a little shopping. But first I came home to pick up my checkbook, I clicked on my Internet icon and waited...and waited...and NOTHING!!!! STILL NO INTERNET!!!!! I cried, I really did!! I text Matt while I am on my way to Kohl's and he tells me that I have to call, but I have to be in front of the computer and I have to do it by 6 in order to have service back tonight. I CAN'T POSSIBLY GET HOME BY 6!!!! WHY DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING????!!!!

Without getting into too much detail, there was an "incident" at Kohl's involving me and Matt's aunt. Words were said, merchandise was thrown and as luck would have it, I was home by 5:30!! I called AT & T right away.

Now, I was fresh off an ugly fight with that woman (Matt's evil Aunt) and I was ready to go a couple of more rounds with AT&T. As it turns out, I didn't have to. I got Warren...ahhh Warren!!! He patiently spent 40 minutes with me while he walked me through a bunch of screens, never criticizing, never sighing, he was just full of love and kindness. After it was all over, I HAD INTERNET!!!!!! Here's my text message to Matt telling him the good news:

Me: "Me and Warren fixed the Internet!!!!"

Matt: "Is Warren your new friend at AT&T?"

Me: "Warren is the man who ROCKS my world who just happens to works at AT&T!! He is the father of my future children even though I suspect he lives in India and doesn't feel the same way about me."

Matt: "LMAO!!" "You're a nut!!"

Me: "Don't hate, just be happy for Warren and me."

So, there you have it, my own Christmas miracle!!

All of Warren and my children.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wednesday's Haiku For You and MY 200TH POST!!!!

Now, Now Miss Vivi

It says it right in that song

"You'd Better Not Pout!"
I didn't realize this was my 200th post!!!! I can't believe I had that much to say!!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008


The Secrets in the Sauce is having a Merry SITSmas Decorating Party. If you haven't joined this yet, it's a great way to meet people and get comments.

They asked us to be creative and post a bloggy Christmas card. So in the spirit of holidays, here's one from the girls.

We're all bundled up from the wind and the cold.

We're doing our best to do as we're told.

We are washing our faces and behind our ears.

In hopes of hearing Santa's bellowing cheers.

We are saying thank you, please

and covering our mouths when we sneeze!

We're much kinder and caring.

We never fight and are always sharing.

So, you can see Dear Santa

That we're trying to be good girls, can't ya?

Happy Holidays! Love Emerson and Vivienne

If you would like to see other Christmas cards, I'm sure that Heather and HeathersSister have theirs up too. You can also go to The Secrets in the Sauce and see what everyone else posted. You can get there from my sidebar.
(The picture of the girls is from our trip to Wisconsin Dells last January and the poem was written by me after my nightly shot of NyQuil with a White Russian chaser)

It's Craptacular!!!

One singular thought entered my brain today. That's right, one, it's Monday.

I started thinking about the movie "Little Darlings" I LOVED that movie when I was a kid. We had a crappy copy on VHS and my sister and I watched it every chance we got.

Man, I wish I was as pretty as Matt Dillon!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Johnny Depp Monday

Living Vicariously Through Christmas Movies

Ahhh...Sunday! It was a very lazy day today. No one, but Matt, got out of their pjs today. I did manage to peel the pjs off the girls in order to get them in the bath just to put back on a fresh pair.

Matt was on call and the girls were watching TV in the bedroom, so I decided to take advantage of the day and truly appreciate my new TV. I love having cable, or rather, a satellite dish. We didn't have anything but network TV for about 7 years. Last night, I watched a great movie, "Charlie Wilson's War". I really enjoyed it. Being only about 8 when the Russian/Afghanistan War happened. I wasn't really into current affairs unless they dealt with Scott Baio, so I wasn't really informed on what went on.

Today, I watched the movie "This Christmas". I ended up only being able to catch parts of it twice. I get the gist of it but I am anxiously awaiting 9pm so I can watch the whole thing. So far, I could be new favorite Christmas movie, or at least one of them. I love the idea of a big family. But only at Christmas and only the idea. I don't want anymore children, but I guess I would have liked more brothers and sisters. I only have one sister and she lives in Florida (Have I mentioned that before?) She has a very hard time coming here for Christmas. Her in laws are demanding and she's a wimp. I try my hardest to guilt her into coming here, but it's no use. I know if I had at least one more sibling, we could gang up on her and brow beat her until she submits.

So, I have to live vicariously through the people in this movie. Just like I live vicariously through these other favorite Christmas movies.

White Christmas - I would LOVE to spend Christmas at a lodge in Vermont, snow or no snow

The Preacher's Wife - I love that they have so many community activities. They have church, they ice skate, they make baskets for the poor. I suppose I don't have to live vicariously, I could and will do all of these things. And there's the whole title, but I'll tell you about that on Saturday Flashback. Not to mention GORGEOUS Denzel as a Guardian Angel!!

You've got Mail - Not technically a Christmas movie, but there are wonderful scenes of New York and I love her little shop.

I'm sure there are a lot more, but I can't think of them now.

What are your favorite Christmas movies and why?