Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturdays With the Wife and Kids of Riley

The other week Matt told you about a typical Saturday on his job, Whatever...boring! So, I decided to bore, I mean regale you with how I spend a normal Saturday while he's at work.

After the normal amount of time getting up, writing a post, fighting with Emerson to get up and ready we were out of the house and in the car at 9AM.

Our first stop was the Chiropractor, where I argued my bowling case one more time and got an adjustment. With promises that I would exercise and a few new stretches to try, we were off to our next destination.

There was just no way I was going to be able to face the rest of my day without some sort of caffeine fix. Our, that is Em and my favorite is Caribou Coffee. I get the Campfire Mocha which tastes like a smore, and Em loves their kid's hot cocoa, they make it just the right temperature so she can drink it right away.

On to bowling. This is Emerson's first year and she really enjoys it. Her average is 33 and is going up every week, which is more than I can say for myself.

This Christmas she got her own ball and she likes to use my bowling bag. Matt drew a skull and bowling pin crossbones on it for me. I usually keep my ball in a locker at the alley so I don't use it too often.

Let me explain about Emerson's face. Last night I took her to the movies and the first preview that they showed was for a horror movie called A Haunting in Connecticut. She was freaking out! On the way home, she said that the worst part was that it said it was based on a true story. I tried to explain that there is something called "Creative License" and the only true part could be that there is actually a state named Connecticut. We decided to look it up on the Internet and when we googled it, the trailer came up again. Em insisted on showing Matt. After it was over Emerson was sitting on one side of the sofa and Matt on the other. He decided he was going to try to startle her and when he jumped at her, he didn't realize the cat was between them. He startled both of them and the cat then jumped and ran over Emerson's face.

This is Emerson with her friend and teammate Tyler. ( Is she blushing?)

After bowling we had to go to another doctor. This week I needed to get a B12 shot from the diet Dr. I get one every 2 weeks and once a month I get weighed in and the prescription refill.

I got the shot in the ass this time because I still have a bruise in my arm from 2 weeks ago.

Our next stop was to pick up Vivi. Every Wednesday Vivi gets picked up at daycare by Matt's mom. She keeps her until Saturday and then we do what I like to call the Vivi hand off. We meet in a location that is 1/2 between our houses, so it's 45 minutes to get there, but at least it's down the street from the doctor.

I must have caught her mid-blink, she usually doesn't look this stoned.

Everyone wanted a take and bake pizza for dinner, so we stopped at the grocery store to get one. They were on sale for $5, so we got 2.

Earlier in the morning, I promised the Chiropractor that I would exercise. Which meant I had to go get the recommended tools. He wanted me to get a balance ball and some resistant bands. I truly didn't have the strength to go all the way to the sporting good store (another 20+ minutes) so I decided to go to Target instead. They had them and we shopped around a bit. $150 later, we left Target and headed home.

The girls got the movie "The Secret of The Magic Gourd" I made some popcorn and we got into our pj's and we watched the movie.

Now isn't that much more interesting than some heating and air problem? I didn't think so either.

I Have Become Etsy Obsessed!

I am always coming across a blogger in bloggyland who either has a giveaway from Etsy, selling something on Etsy or bought something on Etsy. Finally, I decided to check it out.

Last week I went skulking around, and boy, the stuff that they have!!!!

There are a ton of incredibly talented people who make homemade stuff to sell on Etsy. It's like going to a craft fair, but way better! You don't have to deal with table after table of knitted toilet paper holders to get to the good stuff. Not to mention that I can shop without getting out of my pajamas, which is always a bonus.

So, here's what I bought so far;

Twilight bodyspray, lotion and lip balm that is going to make me smell like Edward! How ingenious is that??? Reading those books, I wished they were scratch and sniff. I just really wanted to see what he smelled like. According to the book, he suppose to smell like honey, lilac, and sunshine. Those are some excellent smells and some very smart and creative people created a body spray to smell like him (I hope) They also make a Bella scent, a Jacob scent, and an Alice scent. I will give you my full review when they arrive, but those are some of my favorite smells, so I really don't see how it can go wrong.

The next items that I purchased were inspired by my friend A. over at Snarky Much? She is a true adventurer and told this awesome story about how she drove all over Africa for 6 months. They went whitewater rafting and she was wearing a pair of Thai Fishing pants that ended up getting torn off of her by the current right before the trip started. She then had to whitewater raft in her black g-string for 12 hours. The pants sounded great to me for some reason, just the stuff I love to wear. She told me that I could get them on the web, so I went to the Etsy store to see if I could get them there. Well, wouldn't you know... I bought 3 pairs.

Don't they look awesome??? I have a feeling I will be living in these through the spring and summer months. If anything, they will encourage the diet, I'm sure they look better on skinny people. I will give you a review and pictures when they come in.

If you want to buy a pair at the Etsy store (only $18 ea) you have to search for Yoga pants. But everyone should check out and see what they have, you can buy some really great original stuff.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Acid Flashback Friday

Guys, put on your leisure suits and your gold chains.

Girls, put on your tube top and your platform heels, because I have gem from the 70's for you today!

Boogie shoes on? Good! And away we GO!!!

Rock Me Gently - Andy Kim 1974

Don't give me that "I don't remember this song" Because you know damn well it was in that commercial where all the animals jumped in that guy's car and sang it.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Matt Will Be So Pleased That He's Right.

One more thing, I got this quiz over at ChicagoLady and Tori...They didn't have the same results.

Your result for The Crazy Test...

You're insane!

You scored 3 Sane, 6 Insane, 5 Crazy, 5 Weird and 4 NeedHelp!

Don’t take that the wrong way. There’s nothing wrong with you.

Deep down inside: you wish someone would offer you candy.

Your great abiding passion is: confused

Your innermost fear is: uncontrolled

Your greatest strength is: you are very innovative

Your deepest regret is: no one understands you

Your most sincere hope is: you get out soon

Your best quality is: the way you express yourself

Your weakest trait is: communication

Your reason for living is: unknown

When your star is in Jupiter, you will find a coin in the moonlight. Watch for elephants on the 5th. Love looks for you around the corner, so don’t wear a disguise. Look for a sign in the flower petals on the 16th.

When you grow up you will be a captive.

You will have 47 children and 7 cars.

You will live in an alternate reality.

Your spouse’s name will be unimportant.

You will be rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Everyone will love you.

Wisdom will follow you all of your days.

The King of Spades indicates your future. The Card of Death represents a sudden change. The Seven of Sticks turned upside down shows your past.

You were born in the year of the Lizard. Your Sign is Square. In your past life, you were alive. Your wrinkles tell the story of your life. Your destiny is unfolding.

Take The Crazy Test
at HelloQuizzy

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Haiku for You

The Chiropractor

I now see 3 times a week

Boobs are fun no more!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I Answered Your Questions, and I Got Awarded!

You guys were such good sports about asking questions, I know the post was incredibly long. If you missed it, it's down a little further, past Johnny.

So, while I was racking my little brain trying to come up with answers, I was given 2 new awards.

You guys are really just the sweetest!!!
The first award is from Chicagolady over at I Don't Care What You Say Anymore, This Is My Life.

It comes with a set of rules, and I suspect she might have given me this award so I would have to do the first one. LOL!!!!

1. Say a nice thing to a man in your life.

Just so everyone knows, I told Matt that I loved him this morning when I left, just like every morning. I also yelled at him over text messaging, but it doesn't convey sarcasm very well, so I'm pretty sure he thought that was a compliment too.

2. List at least six ways you measure success in your life.

1) smiles

2) car lengths

3) pizza boxes

4) hugs

5) "I love you"s

6) dirty pictures

7) Impeached Governors

3. Assign five other worthy blogs.

1) Matt (I'm dying to see what he says to his "Man Crush" President Barack Obama)

2) Angi at Making Memories

3) Cate at Show My Face

4) Snarky Much?

5) Denise at Laughing with Spoons


The next award is from Lacey over at Don't Make Drugs, she is the one who started T.R.A.S.H.

She is a wonderful person, and if you haven't been there yet, go, you won't be sorry. (I'm just not sure what kind of drugs I'm not suppose to be making)

It's called The Premios Dardo Award (prestigious, right? I KNOW!!!)

The rules are that I am suppose to link who gave this to me and give it to 15 other bloggers.

15??!?!?! OK, Here it goes. ( I had a really hard time choosing, so Vivi pulled blogs out of a hat. OK not a hat, but a very awesome Cigar box purse that I got for Christmas)

1) Ladystyx

2) ChicagoLady

3) Bookbitten

4) Tori

5) Jamie

6) Kimmy

7) Heather

8) Michelle

9) Cammie

10) Susanna R

11) Kimber

12) Iggy

13) Becky

14) Ca Joh

15) Nana's Kitchen

So, there you have it. Enjoy your awards every one!

Johnny Depp Monday

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I'm in the hot seat just like Frank Langella...I mean Richard Nixon.

You guys asked some deep questions, I am here to answer them. I promised I would answer honestly. If you come away from this exercise realizing that I am really REALLY boring, I am truly sorry.

In hopes that it won't happen, I grabbed some beer. A tipsy Becky is always much more fun.

So, let me reach into the mailbag and we can get started.

Heathersister from Tales from the Lunchroom would like to know: Where did you and Matt meet? Just wondering because I think you guys are a great couple!

Well, Matt and I met in High School. He was a Senior and I was a Freshman. We were introduced by a guy in my Drama class, Bill...something or other. It was Halloween and Matt was dressed in a grass skirt and a coconut bra, I should have known then. He wasn't interested at the time because he was a Senior. He had one girlfriend already, and was currently wooing another. He was in a school production of "The Foreigner", I had to see the play as an assignment for Drama class and I can honestly say he is the only thing I remember from it.

The next year, I was in Drama II with a girl names Gayle. I was now a Sophomore and she was a Senior. The class was our last class of the day and we had lockers in the same wing. One day I walked with her to her locker and there he was standing there. Gayle was his girlfriend. We all got to be good friends and we even double to Senior Prom. (I went with a guy named Mark, but really only to go.)

My Junior year, we found out that Matt and Gayle broke up and he was hanging around my friend Jane. She really liked him and I did too, but I stood back. One day he called me and asked me to a movie, I thought it was a group thing, so I said yes. When he showed up at my house it was only him. We went and saw "Fletch Lives" and had grilled cheeses at Denny's afterwards. Then he "asked me out" which at the time meant going steady. I was 16 years old and he was 20. And the rest is history.

Sorry it's so long, but you asked. Moving on!

Merc3069 at BookBitten would like to know; If you had to decide on a last meal, what would it be?

That would really depend on how long I had to decide. If I was on death row and had a few months between appeals, my answer would change hourly. But gun to my head, have to decide this minute, I would have to say Carson's Ribs.

Mmmm..... Carson's Ribs!! Their ribs, are delectable. They are not "fall of the bone" type of ribs, and they are not completely smothered in sauce. They are more of a St. Louis style rib but still baby back. And don't even get me started on the au gratin potatoes!! Heaven!!!

If you consider yourself a rib connoisseur, you must try. Being one of those "Chicago foods" they will deliver anywhere in the US for all of those transplanted Chicagoans or 888-999-RIBS. (Maybe they'll read this and give me free ribs for the advertisement.)

Thanks for the question Merc!

Tori Z over at Torizworld asked: How did you pick the girls' names, and why?

Ahhh....A question that I have answered many times.

When I was pregnant with Emerson, I knew I wanted a unique name but not weird. People magazine came out with a huge article about all these stars' babies. Reading the article I came across Teri Hatcher, her then husband, and her daughter Emerson Rose. I thought it was a beautiful name. I also thought that of Shawn Colvin's daughter's name, Caldonia, but Matt said no.

We had no idea whether she was a boy or girl, we pick Emerson Erin for a girl (Erin after my sister) and Griffin Robert for a boy (Robert for Matt's dad). She was a girl.

We always intended on calling her Sunny (for the son part of Emerson) but it never stuck. We just call her Emerson, or Em and Vivi calls her Emmy. Matt even has a tattoo of a sun for her.

When I got pregnant with Vivi, I really wanted to name her Vivienne because I LOVED the book "Devine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" The character Vivi was so full of life, so incredible, that it was the only name I wanted. Matt said no. I begged, he said no. I cried, he softened, but said no. One day we were at his mother's house, and she asked what we were going to name the baby, he told her if it was a boy we were going to name him Cooper Matthew and if it's a girl we would name her Vivienne. I was so happy, and now I didn't have to go ahead with my plan of secretly changing the birth certificate.

For a middle name, we let Emerson name her. I,of course, had full veto power. Imagine my surprise when she came up with Elizabeth. That's how we named Vivienne Elizabeth. Incidentally, my sister Erin's middle name is Elizabeth too. So, both my kids are named after her, and I was a little mad when Gage came out and she didn't name him Rebecca.

I'm also really ticked off at Angelina, she named one of those twins Vivienne (same spelling) and the hussy had them on my birthday. So, SUCK IT ANGELINA!!!

I don't really blame Brad, he has no power in that relationship, more just a sperm donor.

Thanks for asking Tori! On to the next question!

LadyStyx over at LadyStyx Place asked: Describe the worst trip you've ever been on.

This one stumped me. I went over and over all the trips Matt and I took and I couldn't think of anything. Then it hit me, it doesn't have to be a trip that I took with him, I went plenty of places BM (Before Matt). I went back into the archives and I think I came up with the worst trip imaginable. This took a little meditation, some hypnosis to recover the memory, and eventually shock therapy treatment.

My parents divorced when I was 13, my mother remarried when I was 14. My father, didn't remarry until I was 18, but he was with my Stepmother, who was a previous friend of the family, for quite a few years before they married.

When I was growing up, we owned a camper up in South Wisconsin where we spent weekends in the summer. After the divorce, we rarely saw my father, even though we lived in the same town, and we hardly ever went to the camper anymore.

One summer, my mother and stepfather went on a trip of their own and my father was going to take Erin and me up to the camper. My stepmother had a camper as well that she shared with her ex-husband. A few days before the weekend trip, we found out that Donny (my stepmother's ex) was killed in a drunk driving accident not to far from where the camper is located.

For some reason, we decided to continue with the trip. I was 15 at the time. On our way up there, we stopped at the place where Donny's car crashed into the tree. We all had to get out and look at it.

Over the weekend, my father and future stepmother drank A LOT!!! Erin and I were left on our own for most of the weekend. When we did see them, we were told we weren't mourning enough, so we preferred to be alone.

There was another family who had a camper right next to ours. The Meyers, and we have been very close since I was a year old.

On Sunday, Auntie Carole (Meyer) saw what was going on and offered to take us out on their boat so we could go swimming in the middle of the lake. (Always a HUGE treat) Just as we were getting our suits on, my father walked into the camper and told us that we couldn't go because we were going home.

On the way home, we had to stop at the place where Donny's car was being held. We all got out to look at it, including the blood soaked seat where he died. The first time the dangers of drunk driving ever hit home. (Which is a good thing)

And that my friends, was the worst trip I have ever been on. Man, that was painful, I need another beer!

IB from IdiotStew would like to know: Would you consider erotic chat with someone (other than Matt) cheating?

Let me start out by saying that I am different than some other wives. I have no problem with porn (As long as it is adults). Want to go to the strip club? Go ahead, have a lap dance on me. You want me to dress up as a french maid or dirty stewardess, I'm game. I draw the line at prostitutes. And as far as a three-way goes, I would have to be the guest star to even consider it.

Now what kind of erotic chat are we talking? Are we talking about erotic things or are we engaging in cybersex?

If I was involved in erotic talk with someone other than my husband, I would not consider it cheating. But, my definition of cheating would not apply in this situation, Matt's definition would. If he considered anything that I did to be cheating, then it would be. And the same goes for me, my definition of cheating is the only thing that he needs to worry about.

For example. Let's say Matt has lunch with the same woman everyday. (he doesn't) They have a friendship and they share personal stuff with each other. Things start getting a little heated and you could cut the sexual tension with a knife, but they don't do anything. Matt decides he is going to tell me but says that he didn't cheat because they didn't have sex. I say he did cheat because he trusted and confided in another woman. He basically fell in love with her.

So you see, it doesn't matter what "I" would consider cheating, it's what Matt does and vise verse.

But I'll ask if erotic talk is on the table. LOL!

Iggy over at Intense Guy has 3 questions: Which of the questions that Matt asked you do you think is the "stupidest" and why?

Here's how the conversation went the night that Matt decided to "interview" me.

Matt: "OK, I've got my questions."

Me: "OK, shoot!"

Matt: "Question 1: What don't you like about me?"

Me: "What kind of question is that?" "You're just trying to make me look bad!"

Matt: "No I'm not, just answer the question."

Me: "I am so not answering that question!" "You are trying to make me look like a tyrant wife!" "Move on to the next one...and by the way, there are way to many things to list."

Matt: "Nice." "Question 2: Why did you tell me that you were going to give Vivi a bath tonight and then you didn't?"

Me: "What is the matter with you?" "That's not an interview question!" "If you wanted to know why Vivi didn't get a bath tonight you could have just asked instead of doing this." "By the way, she fell asleep before I got a chance, happy? Move on to the next question."

Matt: "OK, Question 3: Why do you get mad when I work too much and then you get mad when I don't work?"

Me: "What do you want me to say? Because I'm mentally ill? This interview is over!"

There you have it Iggy, that's what happened.

What would you give to bowl a 300 game and when (what occasion) would you want to bowl it? I would never want to bowl a 300 game because then I would have to quit bowling. If there is no room to improve than there is no point. And I could say that I would want to bowl it on my last day on earth, but what if they have bowling in heaven? Then I'm stuck and I can't make thunder like the other angels.

In your opinion, is picking your nose in public ever acceptable behavior? Only with your elbow.

Ms. Tori has another question: Assuming your family (pets included) was already safe, what would you try to save in the event of a disaster (like a fire or flood) that meant you had to evacuate your home and may never be able to return?

Hmmmm.....As I look around here, there is nothing that can't be replace. All sentimental things are kept off the compound. Off the top of my head, I would say, my Lladro that I got from Kendra, my Johnny Depp movies and my 42" TV (I fought too hard for it to let it go)

Blue Ridge Gal would like to ask: Why were you so mean to Matt and refused to answer his questions like a sweet little wife would have done? Are you not sweet? LOL

My only response to that is: What are you, new? LOL!!!

Heather over at "This is the day..."PS118:24 would like to know: What is your dream vacation with your whole family (you, Matt and the kids)? What is your dream vacation for just you and Matt? What is your dream "girls-only" vacation? And are Michelle and I invited? When are we going?

Matt and I have talked about our "dream vacation" with the girls. We would really love to rent an RV and drive the entire Route 66. All the way from Chicago to LA. We have already done all of Illinois and we had the best times on those trips. We would love to go the rest of the way. The only problem is that we better do it pretty soon. The last thing I want is to go on a huge road trip with a snotty teenager.

My dream vacation with just Matt? Fiji, one of those resorts that have the little cabanas out on the water. Just sitting in the sun and swimming. We are trying to plan a trip for just the 2 of us, we would love to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We are trying for spring when his work is a little slower.

Our girls vacation? Let me see...Let's just go to a cabin with a bunch of wine, do some laughing, and some scrapbooking. I think we would have the best time, and Becky has to come with us.

Hello Mary Lou from Buttercream Cottage asks: What is your favorite part of blogging?

Wow! I have so many favorite parts, it hard to decide. I guess I have to say that I love learning something new from every one's blog. Whether it be a recipe or a computer secret or a way to deal with a child. I also love laughing with all of you.

R Susanna at Sticky Stuff on the Floor asks: What is your favorite part of your daily routine and why? And if you won the lottery tomorrow, what would be the first thing you would do, besides quit your job?

This isn't going to sound really good, but my favorite part of the day is after I get everyone ready for school and work, after I drop Vivi off at daycare and I drive to work. If everything goes smoothly, I feel accomplished, like I ran a marathon. I get to spend 25 minutes in the car, listening to the radio and thinking about what I want to accomplish the rest of the day. Sometimes, I talk to my sister on that trip too.

Assuming that I have already quit my job, not to mention ran around the neighborhood naked, I would start construction on the gorgeous house somewhere secluded, hire the best tutors, grab the family and go on a trip around the world while the house is being completed.

And Finally ChicagoLady asks: If you could have any career you wanted, what would it be?

I don't know, Lottery winner sounds pretty good. Seriously, I have always wanted to start my own business. For a while I wanted to do children's birthday parties. I would create a birthday party to the child's specifications. I came up with a bunch of ideas, but mostly I just did my own kid's parties. Now, I would like to sell stuff that I make in the etsy store, but I can't come up with anything to make.

There you have it, you asked I told. I hope you weren't too bored.

Six Word Saturday!

I'm just trying to appreciate Winter.
If you want to play along, go over to Cate's blog.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Fabulous Foto Friday!!!

Once again, I'm playing fast and loose with the rules.

You are suppose to take pictures throughout the week and post one for FFF. I apparently have a mind block with this and forget every week! In my defense, haven't you seen enough pictures of snow? Because, seriously, that is ALL I see.

So, for Fabulous Foto Friday, I have decided to introduce you all to the love of my life.

This is my nephew Gage. He is the most precious child I have ever met! (Even if his mother disagrees)

You know in the movie "Auntie Mame" where Rosalind Russell's character Mame calls her nephew Patrick her "Little Love"? That is Gage to me.

Whatever this kid wants, all he has to do is ask.

You try to say no to those eyes! Go ahead...try! Can't do it can you??? Didn't think so.

What makes it worse is that he lives in Florida, so when he visits, I have to make up for lost time.

Erin does the same thing with my girls. It must be an Auntie thing.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Acid Flashback Friday

Being OATNHW (Obsessed with All Things Nine and a Half Weeks) I had to post this one from that movie.

I really REALLY love that movie and I love this song so much I wanted to walk down the aisle to it at my wedding.

Reverend said no.

Slave to Love - Bryan Ferry 1985

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Awards and Games

I hope you are all thinking up questions you want to ask and leaving them on Matt's blog, but in the meantime, I gots me some blog lovin'! (Commence porn music Bow-Chicka Bow-Wow)

My first award came from Nana over at Nana's Kitchen.

I am somewhat new to her blog, but she does post some delicious recipes. Definitely worth a look if you haven't met her yet.

And if that wasn't enough?? Cammie over at Life in the House with No Sleep gave me this award.

Her blog is a MUST!!! Although, we are competing for that elusive Mother of the Year award. But after today when I took Vivi to daycare while she sobbed uncontrollably for 45 minutes straight, because she just wanted to stay with me. No temper tantrum, just sobbing. I will probably win by a nose. (I bawled my eyes out all the way to work after that)

I am suppose to pass these on to other people, but if you follow this blog, the awards are yours. I truly mean that, I read all of your blogs so take the awards! ( I just don't have the energy to post all of your names)


On to the Games! Heathersister over at Tales from the Lunchroom posted this little game a couple of days ago and I thought it was fun.

To find your ROCK STAR NAME take your first pet & current car: Kiki Escort

To find your GANGSTA NAME take your favorite ice cream flavor and your favorite cookie:
Cherry Garcia Chewy Chips Ahoy (That's C to the G to the CC to the A)

YOUR DETECTIVE NAME? Your favorite color and favorite animal: Grey Moose

Want to know your SUPERHERO NAME? Just add the word "The" plus your 2nd favorite color, and your favorite drink: The lilac Rum (Specifically Sailor Jerry Rum)

Your NASCAR NAME. Take the first names of your grandfathers: Bert Lefty

If I ever go into WITNESS PROTECTION you can find me with this name. Your mother & father’s middle names: Ann Scott

TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME? Just take your 5th grade teacher’s last name and add a major city that starts with the same letter: Phillips Philedelphia

Of course, if you find me in witness protection I will assume it was because you were using your SPY NAME. Add your favorite season/holiday to your favorite flower: Spring Orchid

Find your CARTOON NAME by taking your favorite fruit, and an article of clothing you’re wearing right now, then add "ie" or "y": Cherry Panties (That might not be appropriate for Saturday Morning TV)

Your ROCKSTAR TOUR is heading across the's called "The” + Your fave hobby/craft, your fave weather element + the word “Tour”: The Bowling Sunshine Tour

Your PORN STAR name! Take the name of your first pet and the first street you lived on: Kiki Webster

This was fun. I can't wait to read all of your secret names.

He Got it Wrong!

Matt posted that I didn't want to do the interview because I didn't want to interview anyone.


I didn't want to do the interview because his questions were stupid and I didn't think any of you would care what my favorite color was or who was my crush in High School. So we compromised and decided to let you guys ask the questions.

In his defense, it's hard to "interview" someone you've been married to for more that 13 years. You run the risk of finding out about double lives and getting feelings hurt etc.

Go over to Matt's Blog and post a question you would like me to answer. I don't care what it is, if you want to know, I will tell you.

I will answer all questions on Sunday's post. That gives you plenty of time to think of a good one. And of course if you have more than one question, I will answer them too.

Go on, go post a question. And remember, there are no stupid questions, unless you're Matt.

Wednesday Haiku to You

Mountains of laundry

Dust Bunnies taking over

Have to clean this house!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Johnny Depp Monday

CryBaby -1990

A John Waters' movie where he played Wade "CryBaby" Walker.

I have a shirt with this character on it that says: "Good Girls Want Him Bad, Bad Girls Want Him Worse". It's one of my prized possessions.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

That's Right, I'm TRASH!

Actually my whole family is TRASH.

Becky at In The Trenches posted about animal rescue and asked if we had any rescue stories of our own. If we did, we should grab the button and post the stories.

Both of our cats are rescue cats, and here are each of their stories.


Back in the spring of 1998, my father received a visitor in his backyard. It was a small brown and grey striped tabby cat. She looked hungry, so he gave her something to eat. After a couple of days she would venture into the house. She wouldn't stay very long and when she left she would go over to the neighbor's garage. They went to go look for her, but couldn't find her.

One day, Tiger (that's what they named her) was scratching at the back door. My father let her in and noticed she had something in her mouth. It was a kitten! She ran to the front hall closet, deposited the kitten and ran back out the back door. After a few minutes, she came back with another kitten and took him to the same closet. They were pretty new, their eyes weren't even open yet and it appeared that their father was a Siamese cat. There was a male who was all white and a female who was white with grey stripes. Every time we opened the closet door, the female would get up on her hind legs and try to hiss at us. She thought she was so fierce!!

After a few weeks, we took the female and named her Isis. My father kept Tiger and his friend took the male.

Tiger proceeded to have 5 more litters. Every time my dad would take her in to get fixed, he would find out she's pregnant again. We found homes for all of those kitten except for one. My dad kept him, his name is Matt.

Isis is a very petite cat (just like her mom) and has beautiful blue eyes that are completely crossed. She insists on sleeping with my every night and LOVES Arby's roast beef.


Back in the summer of 2003, I was at a garage sale at my old house that Kendra owns now. Her neighbor Val came over and told us that she found a stray cat who apparently had kittens in her raspberry bushes. I called Matt right away and he asked if their was a black one. Val said that she was sure that she saw a black one, but it was really hard to get them out of the bushes. That evening, Val called and said that all the kittens were out and running around her back yard if we wanted to come over and see them. They were all adorable but it was love at first sight when we saw Jedi. He's what they call a tuxedo cat because he looks like he's wearing a tuxedo jacket with a white shirt underneath. It also looks like he's wearing a cloak, hence the name Jedi.

When we brought him home, he followed Emerson all over the place, and instantly became her cat. They are best buddies.

Those are our rescue stories, but we almost had one more.

This week I received an email from my friend who had a friend who found 6 black lab puppies on the side of the road. She was emailing around to see if anyone can take them because the no-kill shelters were completely full. I called Matt and I could tell he really wanted one. I was going to talk to him later that evening, but as it turns out, all the puppies found good homes.

I am just so glad that those puppies are going to be well taken care of now, but I can't help but think why would someone just leave them on the side of the road in the snow and cold???!!!! It only took a couple of emails and a couple of days to get all of them adopted!! It makes me sick!

Sorry the pictures aren't that great, no one wanted to model tonight.
Update on the diet doctor, I lost a pound!! ( I am just so glad I didn't gain any weight) so now the total is 25 lbs. But my arm is all sore and swollen where they gave me my B12 shot. That never happened before.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Diet doctor today, hoping for thinner.

If you want to play along, go over to Cate's blog to get started here.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fabulous Foto Friday!

Today has gone much better than yesterday (but you have to admit that yesterday was pretty funny!) It might have something to do with the fact that I begged my father to take Emerson for the day.

Now I'm home and it's FABULOUS FOTO FRIDAY!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!

My entry for this week was taken back in October 2007. We decided that there was so much to offer in Chicago for tourists and we never get to see it. We were tourists for the day!

This is Cloud Gate, but it's affectionately known to Chicagoans as "The Bean". It's a sculpture in Millennium Park. To learn more about it click here.

The Bean gives off a perfect reflection, so guess what you do when you go up to it?

That's right, you take a portrait of yourself!!! This is the reflection of the family in the Bean. (You can see Matt holding the camera)

If anything keeps me on the diet, it's pictures like these!

If you would like to join the fun, go over to Kimmy's blog


Acid Flashback Friday

Last week a lot of you told me how young you are and don't remember songs from the 70's.

This week I am giving you a little gem from the 80's and if you don't remember this song, you have to get permission from your parents to continue to read this blog!

When this song came out, I honestly thought it was about exercise. I WAS 9!!!!

Physical - Olivia Newton John 1981

Olivia trying to prove the old saying "All the good ones are either taken or gay"

So, do you think she shed her goody-goody Sandy image after making this song?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some Day's Your The Pigeon, Some Days The Statue.

My day started out at 5:45am this morning with my phone ringing. Not a good sign! It was a recording telling me that Emerson's school will be closed today due to the frigid temps. Great!!! Now what am I going to do with her? I don't have a choice, I have to take her to work with me.

Then there was the horrible task of waking everyone up to get them started on their day, it usually goes something like this;

Me (softly so not to startle them) "Good Morning, It's time to get up."


I shake them ever so lovingly and say a smidge louder but not harshly "Hey, did you hear me?" "Time to get up"

They stir slightly.

"Come on guys, let's start moving, Let's go."

I get the rollover.

"Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!"

One eye opens and they grunt, but no other movement.


Matt (stumbling out of bed) "Why do you have to be so mean every morning and yell??" "You could be a little nicer, you know."

While I'm playing my very favorite morning game; Find Emerson's missing glove, Matt sneaks out the door and off to work. That's when I realize that I have no cash and no debit card. What am I going to do for our lunch today?

I scrounged around the kitchen and I came up with 2 mini bagels, a jar of peanut butter, and a can of Chef Boyardee Macaroni and Cheese. It was gonna have to do. I tell Emerson to grab some movies and the portable DVD player and off we went.

After the freezing ride, I walked into work only to find that the time clock is broken. Not really a concern to anyone else, BECAUSE I DO THE PAYROLL!! Thankfully, someone took it upon themselves to put a legal pad and pen there so I will be able to manually put all the punches in. Very kind of them.

I walked to my desk only to hear my friend and coworker, Katie, tell me "No Internet, no email"

Great! Half of my list of things to do today require Internet, and the other half requires email.

I get Emerson situated under my desk with a bagel, a cup of hot chocolate and the movie "Ant Bully" when I stand up, I am face to face with one of the Vice-Presidents.

VP: "No school today?"

Me: "No, it's too cold so they closed." "I didn't want to not come in at all, so I just brought her with me"

VP: "Of course, it's fine that she's here."

Thank GOD!!

Just then the fax machine started making this really loud banging noise that's been going on for a couple of days. It still works, it just sounds like there is a bird in there pecking out the faxes on stone, like on "The Flintstones".

Katie: "Michael was asking me if you called about the fax machine."

Me: "Of course I called, I talked to the company 4 times yesterday, someone should be out today."

Katie: "That's what I told him, but I think he wants to hear it from you."

Me: "Great!"

Me: "Hey Michael, the guy will be out today to fix the fax machine, but it's $119 an hour not including parts."

After Michael breathed into a paper bag for a few minutes, he was OK with it. (He really should stop micro-managing me, things could get pretty ugly around here)

The phone rings and it's my sister Erin.

Erin: "Hey, I just talked to mom and she was in an accident this morning."

Me: "Is she OK?!!?"

Erin: "She says she fine, but she's with the police and the bus driver and she couldn't talk. Then she hung up."

Me: "She hit a bus??!!!!"

Erin: "I don't know, I guess."

Me: "Is her car drivable?"

Erin: "I don't know, call her and find out and call me back." (Not that she can do anything about it from Florida)

All I can think of is my poor mother standing on the side of the road freezing. I call her but all I get is voicemail.

My phone rings again, this time it's my father. He saw that I had called earlier (I was hoping that he could take Em today)

He informs me that he didn't have any heat from 3AM Tuesday to last night. Knowing what my husband does for a living, I don't know why he called me after the fact, but what's done is done.

Erin calls back and I tell her that she needs to spend a month up here just dealing with our parents because I am exhausted!!!

Finally, my mother calls. She is fine, there is only a scratch on her car. She didn't hear the phone because she was sitting on the bus with the bus driver. They talked. His daughter just graduated from Michigan State and she's decided that she's not going to have kids, but he does have a grand daughter from his other daughter...that's when I cut her off.


I went to go heat up the Mac and Cheese for Em. I put it in the microwave and it was on for about 5 seconds then it just stopped. I try again, nothing. CRAAAAPPPPP!!!! Emerson has to eat the other mini bagel with peanut butter for lunch.

The rest of the afternoon went about the same as the morning. The fax dude came and spent literally 5 minutes fixing it. (It will still cost at least $119) Internet and email were still down and the microwave went to appliance heaven.

About 4pm, I had enough and Emerson was coming dangerously close to being murdered by me at my place of business. So, we went home.

Are you ready for the best piece of information??? About 5 minutes ago, we got the phone call saying that Emerson's school is closed again tomorrow.

I could say *&$% my life, but I think I'll take Lady GaGa's advice and "Just Dance"

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Colder Than a Witch's You-Know-What In A Brass Bra!

We are under a Windchill advisory until noon on Friday. Tomorrow's high -2 actual temp and the wind chill is going to be -40 BELOW!!!!!!!

Great Googly-Moogly!!! That is frick'n COLD!!! But just in case you're not grasping the concept, here are a few phrases to help you along.

Colder than a Well digger's Ass

Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey

Colder than a Urologist hands

Cold as a banker's heart

Cold as a dead snake in a deep freeze

Cold as hell with the furnace off

Cold as an outhouse seat in January

Or as Matt would say, cold as Becky's glare.

So all of you in the warm climates, just think of me and perpetual coldness of my feet, nose and butt.

At this rate, I won't thaw out until August!


In much warmer news, Angi over at Making Memories as given me this adorable award!

This award is given to you in appreciation of your lovely and witty comments and for always knowing the right thing to say at the right time....

I'm suppose to pick 10 people to receive this award. But, as you can see from the description, there is no way I can pick 1o. Every single one of you has written very lovely and witty comments and you all know what to say at the right time.

So, if you follow this blog, the award is yours. If you don't follow this blog, why the hell not?!

Wednesday Haiku To You

Secret Confession

I do love me some Nip/Tuck

The weirdest stuff happens

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blizzard In Chicago?

They got us all hyped up for a blizzard, and this is what it looks like today!

Now they're trying to scare us with blizzard warnings for tomorrow instead.

Sorry Weather Guys, if you keep calling "Chicken Little" on us, we are going to stop believing you!

Well, that's Chicago for you. And as the old saying goes... "If you don't like the weather in Chicago, wait around a few minutes, it'll change."

That's how we roll.

Monday, January 12, 2009

You Can Go Ahead And Suck It, Weatherman!!!!

When I got up this morning, I turned on the news, just like every morning. Right there in between the impeached Governor and the story about the couple who got married in Taco Bell was this...

From midnight tonight and noon tomorrow.

WHAT THE F*&%#!!!!!???????? In all of my 27 years (Yep, I'm still holding onto it) I have never seen Blizzard Warnings! What am I even suppose to do??? What do they do in the Arctic besides pee in frozen toilets and hallucinate?

So far, the boss hasn't closed down work like I was hoping. I'm going have to get a sled and some dogs just to get there.

If anyone out there has a trained St. Bernard with the brandy around their necks, can you send him my way? My hot Toddie is running a little low.


Those beautiful people on the Golden Globes aren't the only ones celebrating! Lookie what I got!

This is from R Susanna over at Sticky Stuff on the Floor. Wasn't that sweet?

I've been called a lot of things but somehow "lovely" has never been one of them, so for that Susanna, I thank you.

So, now the daunting task of giving this lovely award away. Here it goes.


Punkn's Place

In The Trenches

Buttercream Cottage

There you have it, go congratulate all the winners.


And finally, I got this little quiz off of Torizworld and I thought I would take it. It is suppose to sum you up in a word. Here's mine, but somehow I'm not convinced.

Your Word is "Fearless"

You see life as your one chance to experience everything, and you just go for it!

You believe the biggest risk is being afraid and missing out on something amazing.

Sometimes your fearlessness means you're daring. You enjoy risky activities.

And sometimes your fearlessness means you're courageous. You're brave enough to do the right thing, even when it's scary.

Johnny Depp Monday

Sunday, January 11, 2009

We Need to Start Looking A Little Closer At Our Movie Selections

Last night Matt got home at a decent hour, so we decided we would take Emerson to dinner and a movie. Vivi didn't get dropped off yesterday because of the 12" of snow, so it was just the three of us.

It's nice to go to a movie that is not necessarily a "kid's movie". As long as it doesn't have gratuitous sex scenes or a lot of violence, it's on like Donkey Kong.

Em's been bugging us to see the movie "Bride Wars". I looked it up and although it got some really crappy reviews, it was rated PG. The reviews don't bother me, I tend to love what the critics hate and vice versa. So off we went.

The evening started, after we dug out the car, at Steak and Shake for dinner. We went to go up and pay and Matt realized that he left the debit card in his work van. I went into my purse to get cash, and my wallet wasn't in it. I had left it next to the computer at home!

So while Matt ran back to the house to get the money to pay for the dinner we just ate, Emerson and I were held at Steak and Shake for collateral.

It took him a little longer than I had expected to come back and I couldn't help my over active imagination to start running away.

"What if he finally saw his opportunity and just took off?"

"He left me and our oldest at Steak and Shake!"

"I'm going to have to wash dishes for 5 cents an hour for a billion hours to pay off our hamburgers!"

"We're going to have to live in the backroom of Steak and Shake!!"

Finally, he came back, paid the bill and we went next door to see the movie. It was technically 15 minutes after the movie was suppose to start, but when we walked into the theater it was just the opening credits. You got to love previews for this exact reason.

After the movie, this is the conversation between Emerson and I when Matt went to go get the car.

Em: "I really liked that movie!" "How did you like it, Mommy?"

Me: "Actually Em, I hated it."

Em: "Why?"

Me: "I really don't want to talk about it right now, Em."

Just then, Matt pulled up and we got into the car.

Em: "Daddy, I really liked the movie, but Mommy hated it."

Matt: "Yeah, that was a rough one for Mommy."

Em: "I don't understand why?"

Matt: "I'll explain later."

So, here's the reason. It never occurred to me that I would get so upset with a movie about 2 best friends. I have seen a million movies and none of them effected me this way.

Maybe it's because the friends have a falling out and do really awful things to each other then forgive and are closer than ever? (Sorry for the spoiler but you had to have seen that coming!)

There was a speech at the end that struck me pretty hard. It goes on and on about a soul mate not necessarily being your spouse but your best friend. That was rough!

I have said before that I am fine, and I don't want her to be my friend anymore. It's true, but there was a time when we talked everyday, laughed about the stupidest stuff, we knew everything about each other. That's gone. Never to return. And for that, I am sad.

Those feelings don't surface very often, but unfortunately, Bride Wars brought them all up. It's not the movie's fault, it just happens. I don't want to be like this, I like movies like that, but I may have to rethink seeing them for a little while. But due to my massive list of movies I don't see, I may not have much of a choice.

I'll get over it. See? I just did.