Monday, February 5, 2007


I am a huge baseball fan. It's the only sport I like and I only have recently started to like it. I grew up in a very sports conscience family. My mother taught us the Bears fight song at age 3. There was always sports on in the house, even when my dad moved out. My mother prides herself on her sports enthusiasm. I never really got it, I prided myself on not ever having sports on in my house. Like I said, I only recently got into baseball. The change over happened so quickly I didn't even realize I was a fan. Until.... My sister was in town for her high school reunion in which I was her date because her husband refused to come up from Florida to go. The night before the reunion we met a couple of friends at a bar and had a couple of drinks. I love when my sister is in town, I have the excuse to go out and leave the kids with daddy. Anyway, we were having a couple of drinks (her more than me) and I got to talking to some guys next to us. We were talking about the Chicago Cubs and the subject came around to Sammy Sosa (this is when he still played for the team) The guys and I were in agreement that we needed to get rid of Sammy. All he was doing was swinging for the fences and he wasn't hitting anything. (After the year of the Sosa/McGuire home run race) This is when my sister decided she was going to join the conversation. She states in her best "know it all" tone that the Cubs can never get rid of Sammy because he has a lifetime contract with the Cubs. We told her that that wasn't true...OK we laughed in her face. But she wouldn't let up, she kept saying it. But that's not all she was saying. She told me that I didn't know anything about sports and she knew everything because her husband has Sportscenter on all the time. So I left her sitting there and went home. When I got home I realized that I was her ride home but I was too mad at the time. I walked into my dark house cursing the day that she was born and there in the darkness I heard, "You left your sister in a bar over Sammy Sosa?" It was my husband, my sister had woke him up to tell him that I was being irrational. I was perfectly rational and I told him so. To this day we still tease her about how sure she was that Sammy Sosa had a lifetime contract. I can't tell you how bad it was when he was traded to Baltimore. I must have called her every hour. Hee Hee. Ever since then I have followed baseball but now I am a complete fanatic. So it's all her fault!