Sunday, February 11, 2007

Why don't people think before they speak.

When I had my second daughter Vivienne, she was born small. Not premature and definitely not micro-preemie size. She was 6lbs 0 oz and 18 inches long. I had her at a hospital that specializes in neo-natal care so they thought she was a great size and so did I. I was a bit shocked though, during the pregnancy I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. With gestational diabetes they always tell you that you are going to have a really big baby. Apparently, they were wrong.

I was diagnosed when I was 6 months pregnant. I believe the first glucose test is done around the 5 month mark and then they schedule the 3 hour test, you wait for those results and then you see your doctor. So by the time they had all their ducks in a row, I was about 6 months. They first sent me to a nutritionist, she was very nice and gave all kinds of information that scared the heck out of me. I really started watching my diet and my next doctors appointment proved it, I had lost 6 lbs. They were not happy at all. I had to take my blood 4 times a day and I guess the numbers weren't good enough. They sent me to a Endocrinologist. He was the meanest man!!! I was sitting on his little table, 7 month pregnant and he had the nerve to ask me how long I had been heavy??!!!! I told him about 7 months. They put me on insulin that I had to inject into my thighs 3 times a day. It was horrible which is why Vivienne is my last child. Not mention, I went completely psycho with this pregnancy when I was a happy prego with my first.

Back to the original point of my story. Vivienne was on the small side, she still is. Right now she is 24 in long and only 20 lbs, which would be fine, but she is 2 YEARS OLD!!! She is still in 12 month clothes. I don't have a problem with it, she is developing normally otherwise. The doctor said she was just small. My husband and I are not really tall people. (Which the pediatrician likes to point out every appointment)

The problem is whenever we go out in public. If we go to a restaurant people come up to us and tell us how amazing it is that she uses a spoon. If we are walking in the mall, they ask us if she is big enough to walk???!!!! This has happen so many times that we have a standard response, "No she's not big enough, but don't tell her, she might fall down." At this point they either laugh and ask how old she is, or they walk away embarrassed. I have no problem with people asking me reasonable questions about my children, but people, think before you speak.