Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Emerson was Starstruck!!!

This last weekend we went to the Wheels of Wonder show downtown Chicago. We had heard about it on the radio and usually this isn’t our cup of tea. Personally, I would rather poke my eyes out than go to a car show!! This is always an argument when the annual big car show comes to town each February. But this one was a little different. The first thing on the radio commercial that peaked our interest was that there was going to be a Life-size Mater. Now Vivi loves cars and she loves the movie Cars. The second thing that we heard was that Jason Earles was going to be there on Sunday. Jason Earles is the kid who plays Jackson on Hannah Montana. Unfortunately, we were not able to afford the 8 Trillion dollars for the Hannah Montana concerts so we thought this might be a suitable alternative.

When we got there we started looking at these custom cars, WOW!!!! These are not cars you drive; the only thing you do with these cars is rubbing them with a diaper!!! They also had all kinds of booths set up for the care and maintenance of your car. (I was really happy you didn’t have to specify what you drove when you got the tickets, they might have laughed us out of town!!)

Right in the middle was Tow Mater, and he was huge!!! And of course, Vivi was petrified!!! You could have your picture taken with him for $5 but Vivi wouldn’t do it, so we got a family portrait in front of Mater. Unfortunately, they give you the picture and I will have to scan it to put it on the blog. Take my word for it, it’s adorable!!!

Then the announcement came over the loud speaker, Jason Earles was in the building!!!!!! He was being set up in the custom bike room. When we walked in a very nice lady asked us if we were planning on buying a motorcycle. We laughed (To ourselves) and politely said no.

The line for Jason/Jackson was getting long so we ran over there as fast as the stroller would let us. (I apologize to any Tween out there that I might have ran over) Then we were in line and he came out on the stage. It was very exciting even though we were the only people in line older than Jackson!! His handlers walked around and said that you could buy this 8 ½ x 11 photo of him for $10 for him to sign but he will sign anything. My ears perked up with this little tidbit of information, he’ll sign ANYTHING???!! Matt saw the look in my eyes and said that under no circumstance will I have Jason/Jackson sign a part on my body. (He really can be a stick in the mud) We bought the picture and waited our turn.
When it was almost our turn to get up on the stage there were some girls there trying to sell the pictures. One of them had on a Rico’s Surf Shop t-shirt and told us that she works with Jackson but only on days that they aren’t shooting the TV show. Emerson gave her this “Who are you trying to kid?” look. We aren’t first graders, we know he’s not really Hannah Montana’s brother!!!!

Then it was almost our turn and Emerson starting biting her index finger so hard it was making red marks!! When she got up there, we stayed on the side to take a picture (Matt grabbed my arm so I couldn’t go up there) and we could see Jason/Jackson talking to Emerson but we couldn't see her talking back. She just had this deer in the headlights look on her face. Then he told her to look at us and we took a really nice picture. He gave her a high five and afterward she proclaimed that she would never wash her hand again. We had to walk across the stage after her because it was the only way to get to the other side and Matt gently pushed me along so all I got to say was thanks.

After Emerson’s brush with fame, we walked around a little more. All of a sudden Matt screamed like Shaun Cassidy was in front of him!! It was April the Loop Rock Girl. The Loop is a radio station and every year they have a contest for a Rock Girl. She makes appearance and poses for a calendar that is sold and the proceeds go to charity and she is stunning!! At her booth they were handing out the calendars so she could sign them and Matt went running. We got in line and Emerson asked for a calendar and waited to get an autograph too. I must say, April was so nice!!!! She wrote on Emerson’s calendar, “Emerson, You are so pretty, I can’t believe it!” “Love ya Girl!” Wasn’t that sweet!!! On Matt’s she wrote, “Matt, I can’t live without you!” Love April.
Then we left and everyone got to meet someone except me. Vivi got to meet Mater, Emerson got to meet Jason/Jackson and Matt got to drool over April. As much as I looked through the crowd, I didn’t see Johnny Depp. He must have gone on Saturday so he could meet the cast of Happy Days.