Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Little Math Genius

So Emerson came home yesterday and told us that she has been moved to the high group in Math. We were very excited for her because she has been working really hard at math. We even have her enrolled in Sylvan Learning Centers because she was having a hard time keeping up last year. The problem was that in second grade they give timed tests, she knew the answers but she could complete the test in the allotted time. So being moved up to the top group is a really big deal for her and us. Now, the homework she has is unbelievable!!!! She is now doing algebra and geometry in 3rd grade!!! We were checking her work last night and the last problem on the page was this:

(4 x n) + 3 = 15
n =
Now this is not really a hard problem for anyone over the age of 11, but Emerson is only 8 and she had the answer right! In fact, she had all the answers right on the page! The next sheet of homework was shapes that she had to identify, and I’m not talking about basic squares and circles. She had to identify hexagons, right angle triangles, octagons, and pentagons. She had all those right too!! (Matt and I had to look them up online to make sure they were right) If this continues, Matt and I won’t be qualified to check her homework anymore; we’ll have to call NASA!!