Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Academy Awards

It’s OSCAR TIME!!!!! And as usual, I have only seen 1 movie that is up for Best Picture and that was Juno. I did, however, see 2 of the movies that are up for Best Animated Feature Film. Ratatouille and Surf’s Up.

Here’s one of the problem, we go to the drive-in every weekend in the summer but they don’t release the movies that may be considered for an Oscar until award season starts and that’s November and the drive-in is closed because no one wants to sit in their car freezing to death.

Another problem is that I really don’t find the movies that the “Academy” loves to be entertaining. Every year, there is at least 1 movie that I would like gets nominated and I root for that one and it never wins. Last year it was Little Miss Sunshine, and this year it’s Juno. I also really enjoyed Sweeney Todd; the Demon of Fleet Street. But that’s no surprise!!! Johnny Depp could sit on the screen doing nothing, saying nothing for 2 hours and I would go and see it and think it’s the most brilliant movie. (But he DOES sing in Sweeney Todd)

One year, after the Awards, I went and rented Crash. HATED IT!!!! It was the most depressing movie!!! I go to the movies to be entertained. Crash was not entertaining, Important, but not entertaining. I will watch just about any movie except any movie with mass destruction, if I know the ending, or if Tom Cruise is in it. Some examples of movies I have not and will not see are:

Independence Day or any disaster movie for that matter - I can’t stand movies where whole cities are destroyed. I become very co-dependant and my imagination starts running away with me. I start obsessing about people they haven’t even shown on the screen. I want to know where all the dogs and the old people and the babies are and if they are ok. It really just scares me to death!!!!!

Titanic – I am not sitting there for 3+ hours wondering when is the boat going to sink and who’s going to live. My nerves can’t handle it.

War of the Worlds – This one has a double whammy; it’s a disaster movie with Tom Cruise!!! I really don’t like him. I believe the only movie that I have seen of his is Risky Business. I’m not one of those people who jumped on the band wagon when he went a little nutty, I have never liked him and I won’t see his movies. Not even when all the girls in high school were raving about Top Gun. I never saw it. I also don’t like Daniel Day Louis and I’m pretty sure I won’t like him any better after Sunday when he snakes that Best Actor award away from Johnny Depp.

Never the Less, the girls and I are having our own Oscar Party on Sunday with appetizers and sparkling cider. We are also going to dress up and walk the red carpet. It should be fun and I’ll post pictures.