Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Poor Little Vivi

When I picked up Vivi on Saturday she informed me “Vivi sick!” I felt her head and she was warm so I gave her Tylenol.

This was Vivi before the Tylenol…

And this is Vivi after the Tylenol.

The same thing happened on Sunday and she did very well all day. We had to go to Sylvan so Emerson could take a test. The rest of the family camped out at Caribou Coffee and waited for her, and then we went grocery shopping.

By Monday morning she was still getting fevers and she was complaining about her ear, so we took her and Curious George to the doctor. We had to take George with us because Vivi said she didn’t need to see the doctor because she was feeling better but George was sick and she would hold his hand at the doctor’s office. They both made it through like CHAMPS!! Vivi weighs 26lbs. George weighs 1.75 lbs. Everyone’s ears were clear but it looks like Vivi has a throat infection. They did a strep test and we’ll get those results tomorrow. Meanwhile, she gets to spend the week at Grandma’s house because I can’t take her to daycare.