Wednesday, March 5, 2008


If it’s not bad enough that Emerson wants to spend all of her time on the computer playing with her Webkinz, she now has her father completely addicted!!

It all started when Emerson and Vivi both got their first Webkin from my father for Christmas. Emerson didn’t know that there was a whole internet world that went with these things until she went back to school after winter break. Then we were in trouble!!!! She has set up house for these things and goes on every night to play games to earn more money to go shopping for stuff for the houses. It’s a vicious cycle!! Vivi has no interest in playing the games, she just wants to sit in the same chair with Emmy and watch her play. She just likes to play with the stuffed animals.

A couple of times we have had to drag Emerson away from the computer to get her to go to bed or take a bath. On those occasions, Matt slipped into the computer chair and he has helped Emerson get a few more points. Now he’s addicted!!! He asked me last night if I thought it would be ok if he set Vivi up with an account and he could “adopt” her Webkin and that way he could play with that one instead of Emerson’s.

He now has Rufus the dog and all I hear is “Daddy!!! It’s my turn to play!!”

Honest to Blog, I am going to lose my mind!!! These are way worse than those Tamogochis!!!!!