Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vivi Creates Her Own “After School Special” (or) “Are You There God, It’s Me, Vivi?”

Vivi is now 95% potty trained. She goes by herself when we are at home and she tells us when we are out.

This is very exciting, but it also comes with its very own issues. For instance, Vivi always seems to have to go to the bathroom just as I take the first bite of food at a restaurant. Or, just as we pass the rest stop while we’re driving.

But the biggest issue came the other week. We were at the mall and Vivi said she needed to go. We went into the bathroom and it was crowded. After waiting a couple of seconds we were able to go into a stall and Emerson went into the stall next to us. After Vivi was done, I decided that I would take advantage of the facilities.

Now I don’t want to be gross, so I will try to put this as gentle as possible; I was experiencing my period. And it being my first day, I was wearing a pad. (You women know what I’m talking about)

As I said before, the bathroom was crowded and the acoustics in there made all of the other conversations almost deafening.

I pull down my pants and proceed to go to the bathroom and this is how it went;

Vivi: “Mommy, you going potty?”

Mommy: “Yep.”

Vivi: “Mommy, why you wearing a diaper?”

All other conversations stop and the only one talking now was Vivi. And she was loud!

Mommy: “Shhhhh”

Vivi: “But why you wearing a diaper?”

Mommy: “Vivi, shush”

Vivi: “Mommy, you bleeding!”

I hear some giggles.


Mommy: (quietly) “Come on Vivi, knock it off.”

Vivi: “You changing your diaper?”

Mercifully, I was done, and we went to wash our hands. I kept my head down and we got out of there ASAP. While walking back to Matt, Emerson was in front of me and her shoulders were shaking. When we got to him he looked at us strangely.

Matt: “What’s going on?”

Emerson (face red, tears in her eyes): “BAH-HA-HA-HA!”

Matt: “Why is your face all red and your sweating?”

Me: “Never mind, but you’re taking Vivi to the bathroom for the next 3 to 5 days.”

Emerson is still in hysterics and she can barely walk.

Matt: “I’m confused”


Amy said...

Somebody needs to make a sitcom about you guys - - absolutely hilarious!