Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gustav hit...Illinois???

When I woke up this morning this is what the weather map looked like.

I could barely find my state!!!

So, needless to say, it just poured ALL DAY!!!!!! I needed to wear something that would perk me up.

Polka-dot spectator pumps!! They never fail to put a smile on my face!

But the rain didn't stop me from taking my 1.59 mile walk at lunch today. After all, it's just rain, I won't melt.

I put a big sweater on, (it was also only about 62 degrees out.) got all my walking gear, took the umbrella and headed out. Even though everyone at work told me I was nuts. (Just made me want to do it more)

The best thing about walking in the rain, is that no one is around so I was able to sing as loud as I wanted along with my Zune (MP3 player).

Here's the problem, I have a special playlist that I listen to when I walk that are all upbeat songs, but I'm getting sick of them. I need suggestions for songs to put on the playlist. The peppier the better so it makes me walk faster.

So put your thinking caps on!!!!


merc3069 said...

ooo, a chocoholic and a shoe addict...if I find out that you also hoard purses, I will request a DNA sample to see if we are related;-)
I have no idea what type of music you like, so I will offer an generic pep song--something old school by Salt n Pepa?

Jess said...

You are so cool!
I hope your totally gorgeous pumps didn't get too wet.

It's just been raining here all day. The grass is flooded.
I feel your pain.