Sunday, September 14, 2008

Something to Make Me Smile

My mother has the same best friend since she was in Kindergarten, which is quite impressive considering she's 60.

This woman is so close to us. She has been a mother to me and a grandmother to my girls. Her 2 son are as close to brothers that I will ever have. (Unless Erin gets that sex change operation)

So, yesterday, she called me at work and told me she left me a little something in between my back doors. She thought I was having a rough time lately, and she wanted to put a smile on my face.

This is what I found...

I had no idea how much I wanted a Chicken purse until I saw it!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! It really put a smile on my face.

The best part is, I used it today, and in the torrential rains nothing got wet! It's rubber!!!!!

She seems to find the best purses for me. I am in the process of taking pictures of them to get them up on the blog.

My friend Casi makes really great and unique purses too, you can find a link to her site on the side of the blog.


merc3069 said...

mmm, finally had to buy the Sept. issue of Vogue (don't ask...) and am not seeing any chicken purses this season, but really, I know that they'll catch on;-)
Too cute...