Sunday, October 19, 2008


I came home from Wisconsin last night instead of this morning. (OK, 3AM this morning) I had overwhelming guilt over both my children getting flu shots and having all this stuff to do for the party and here I am whooping it up.

So, this morning Matt and I were able to get an early start on some of the projects. We hit the dollar store with the hopes that they had tea cups (they did) and mini tea sets to put in the goodie bags (they didn't). We did get a bunch of "necessities" and headed to the Halloween shop with hopes of finding a Mad Hatter hat for Matt to wear...Nothing! We are going to have to figure out an alternative, or hit more Halloween shops this week. Off to Marshalls where we were really lucky to find a cute teapot and small teapot to put on top of the cake. (hooray!!)

Next stop was Michaels where we got some more supplies for all the "handmade" things we are making. Then the grocery store.

This is where Matt dropped the BOMB. He refuses to make a practice cake!!!!! He is going to do the whole thing on Saturday and Sunday. (the day of the party) I am so nervous! If he doesn't do it right...OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

So, on to the progress. Because Alice in Wonderland is not vastly popular, they don't really have plates or anything for a party. (of course) So, I came up with this idea; I took clear plastic plates and decoupaged small Alice in Wonderland pictures on the back. (the only pictures I could get were small and I couldn't enlarge them or they would get all blurry. I also made napkin rings by cutting toilet paper rolls and hot gluing fabric to them. And I only burned myself about 16 times. Here's how they turned out. (please don't criticize too harshly, I don't think my nerves could take it)

The fabric on the napkin rings has flamingos on it as a shout out to the croquet game that Alice and The Queen play.

One of the games we are playing is Pin the Watch on the Rabbit. So Matt DREW BY HAND this White Rabbit. It's not colored yet because all the markers in the house mysteriously dried up. So I will post a colored picture of him along with the watches.

That's what we have done today. Tomorrow, I will finish the rest of the plates and napkin rings and I will start on the topiaries.

Update on the Doctor visits; Emerson age 9 is 50" tall and 56lbs. Apparently, that's small and if she doesn't have a growth spurt within a year they are going to run tests.

Vivi, will be 4 next week, is 30" and 28lbs. and nothing was said about running any tests on her. (Thank Goodness) they both got flu shots and then candy from their guilty mother.

I went to the diet doctor, with my head hung in shame, and low and behold I LOST 4 LBS!!!!! Now I officially would not even be a consideration for the prize winning sow at the state fair.

All in all, I am happy with how the weekend turned out. With all the running around (and partying) I was able to get some of the party stuff done. Because with my big idea for this party, we are constantly flirting with disaster.


merc3069 said...

You'll do fine, breathe. Everything looks good from here;-)

Jess said...

These kids better appreciate the ginormous effort you are putting in!!
Good for Mtt not making a practise cake! Remember it'll still taste good if it collapses.

The Wife O Riley said...

You guys have really made me feel better!

Intense Guy said...

I enjoyed reading Alice In Wonderland - and a film version was just on PBS too...

A couple ideas for the Mad Hatter one...

Honey Mommy said...

What an awesome "pin the watch on the rabbit" game!

Hope you have a fun party!

ChicagoLady said...

I love the idea of the Alice pictures on the backs of the plates! Genius! And the flamingo fabric for the napkin rings? Perfect!

The only way to top all that off is to have a perfectly drawn (by hand) white rabbit. Oh DO have one of those!

Poetikat said...

Tell Matt he has to do a "practice" cake; you don't want to end up on The Cake Wrecks blog!!!

Good luck with getting everything you need and congratulations on losing 4 lbs. Way to go!