Monday, October 27, 2008

She's No Carrie Bradshaw!

Because today is actually Vivi's birthday, she got to have a special birthday dinner. I would cook anything she wanted or we could go out to dinner. We gave her these options praying that she wouldn't pick Chuck E. Cheese. To our surprise, she wanted to go to Dave's Italian Kitchen, one of the family's favorites. She also wanted to wear a pretty dress that she received as a gift yesterday. So, I dressed her up and put on her black party shoes.

We had a very nice dinner. Although, there was a upsetting discovery made; Vivi won't eat off of my plate anymore. She has to have her own dinner now. I cried just a little, she's getting so big!

After dinner and a candle in the chocolate mousse, we left. The girls were running down the sidewalk when Vivi stopped suddenly, threw her hand in the air and huffed "I can't run in these high heels!"

Sometimes that kid just kills me!!


merc3069 said...

LOL too funny!

Rachel said...

too cute!!! gotta love it!

Rebecca Jo said...

So glad to meet you! Great name you have there :-) I'll have to check in on you now! I saw the post with the b-day party - that cake is cute & your babies look adorable! What a darling Alice & Cheshire Cat!!! Mad Hatter Tea party - doesnt get better than that!

ChicagoLady said...

They grow up so fast, don't they?

Poetikat said...

Ah ha ha ha! I'm with Vivi. I don't do heels at all. I love HER shoes, though. She's got good taste in food too. I hope I never have to have the Chuck E. Cheez experience.