Monday, October 6, 2008

Some One Needs to Smack Me in the Head with a 2 X 4!

I don't know what it is, but I have a thing for birthday parties. I have to have these parties for my girls and they have to be exactly what they want. (Even if they don't know it)

When Emerson turned 4 we had a Princess/Knight party. This consisted of handmade (by me and Matt) princess capes for the girls and knight tunics for the boys. Each child got their picture taken in their costume and they decorated frames for it. They also made glitter play-do. The "cake" consisted of cupcakes with glass slippers on the top and wand cookies. All of it done by me and Matt.

When Emerson turned 5, we had a luau. At 6 she had a "Around the World" party. The kids pretended to get on an airplane and go to different "countries" where I had an activity for each country. They got a passport that they got stamped at each country, a sticker for their "suitcase" and a huge "guide book" I created that had fun facts and pictures for each country.

At 7 she had a "Rock Star Makeover" party with Karaoke. At 8 she had a 50's Sock hop. (We went to Disney world as a family for her 9th birthday, so no party)

Now Vivi is turning 4 at the end of October and I am in the process of planning her shindig. And Boy, what a shindig it's going to be.

I don't really have "kid" parties until they are 4. I do however have family parties for their first 3 birthdays. For Vivi's first birthday, we had it in a funeral home. Her birthday is so close to Halloween (October 27th) and there is a funeral home right by our house that has a huge indoor mini golf course in the basement. The owner originally built it for his sons and now they rent it out for parties. (Of course you have to be flexible on the date, you can't have the room if there is an actual funeral) Her 2nd birthday was pretty tame by comparison, we just had the family for dinner and cake. Her third birthday did have kids and we made it a costume party. (I hate spending time and money on costumes and the kids only wear them once.)

Now it's NUMBER 4!!! The Biggie! Originally, Vivi wanted a Princess Tea party, but I felt that was a little boring. With a little lobbying by Emerson and me, we convinced her that an Alice in Wonderland party would be much better. (It didn't actually take that much coaxing, all we did was show her the movie and she was hooked!)

Now I'm in BIG TROUBLE!!! I was doing a little research and I have so many ideas for this party!!! I have no idea how I'm going to do it in three weeks!!! Matt LOVES to make cakes, especially with the fondant frosting, so he's going to make the cake. He also graduated from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and he he can draw any Disney character perfectly. These are skills that I can and will use to my fullest advantage.

I'm not going to share all my ideas at this time. I'm afraid I might be a little too ambitious and if I write about them and I don't do them, I will be completely disappointed in myself. I will, however, put each idea on this blog one at a time when I get them finished. Then, of course, the finished party with it all put together. For our first installment, I will hopefully have the invitations done tomorrow night.

Wish me luck!!!!


Jess said...

I'm really excited how this is going to end up! You seem to have some big plans...I'm more than a little scared!!

merc3069 said...

On no! See, this is exactly the sort of thing I could really geek out on. Keep us posted!