Friday, November 28, 2008

This Post Has Been Brought To You By The Letter K

My friend Heather played this game that she got from Sunshine and Lemonade. She gives you a letter and you post 10 of your favorite things beginning with that letter. I received the letter K. So here are my 10 favorite things that start with the letter K. (This was kind of tough)

1) Kinzcash! I love racking up the cash on Webkinz and then spending it on a decorating rooms! I can't afford to decorate my house as often, so it's the next best thing.

2) Kissing - Who doesn't love kissing? (Unless it's your great aunt and your 12) But I love kissing. Especially if it slow, drawn out and full of passion. (but not with an aunt)

3) Knoxville - As in Johnny Knoxville. I love him for some reason. I don't want to be crude but he's my f*ck and run guy. Someone who would be good for a night or two but you definitely don't want to bring him home to meet mom.

4) Karma - Do good things and really good things will be done to you. Do bad things and REALLY bad things will happen to you. Definitely how I try to live.

5) Kool-Aid - I keep little packages in my desk to put in my water bottles. For some reason, I can't drink just straight water even though I know it's good for me.

6) Kindness - This one is self explanatory. I mean who likes nastiness?

7) Kids - As a mother, I guess I have to put my kids up here. (Although they have been driving me nuts ALL DAY!)

8) KettleCorn - What is better than going to a fair and getting a big bag of fresh, hot Kettlecorn?

9) Kismet - I love the idea of fate. Your soul mate, your other half.

10) Karaoke - I don't like to sing, but Matt always dedicates "Devil in Disguise" to me.

If you want to play, you can leave me a comment and I'll give you a letter, or you can leave Heather a comment and she can give you a letter too.


heathersister said...

Ha, that's a good one. I have my assingment and I am working one it. I have this award post I want to do first, hmmmm wonder where that came from. You did good with this one. Like the title, that is the one I am gonna use.

I love Johnny Knoxville but I would pick Bam to be my f*ck and run guy. Have you seen him naked in Jackass, OMG. Hot.

I love Disney too. Cute picture with Pluto. Love it.

Watch for my letter post. Coming soon to a blog near you.

ChicagoLady said...

I wasn't sure if I wanted to play when I saw it at Sunshine & Lemonade. But ok, I've decided I'll give it a whirl. As long as I don't get some crazy letter like X. You wouldn't do that to me, would you? Would you????????

I liked all your choices! I don't like drinking straight water either. In the summer I use the packets of Crystal Light to mix in it. And winter? Drinking cold water makes me even colder than I already am in winter.

Cassandra said...

Great list! Did you know you won my contest? Come check it out & email me your address & info so I can get it out to you!

Dorkys Ramos said...

Oh this reminds me that I was tagged with this too a bit ago! I have to get on that.

LadyStyx said...

great list!

Tori_z said...

First of all... I can't drink plain water either. It "has to" have some sort of flavouring in it. It really annoys the nurses at the hospital when they go to give me plain water with my pills and I say, "I'm not drinking that! I have flavoured water or juice!" But I don't care... I'm not drinking plain water just to keep them happy.

Secondly... I wanna play! Can I have a letter, please?

Intense Guy said...

A most entertain list! :)

I, too would like a letter.

Heather said...

Truly, we were meant to be friends. I love Webkinz, too! What's your highest score on Goober's lab? What's your favorite game? (yep, I'm addicted)

You did a great job with "K". I am impressed!