Sunday, November 16, 2008

Very Bad!

Matt woke up from his nap and we were talking about running to Borders so I could get the 4th book.

His blackberry went off.

He looked at it and said "Oh, Crap! I forgot that I volunteered to work tonight!"

Then he left to be the HVAC hero to someone else.


heathersister said...

Oh shit, does that mean you can't get to Borders until tomorrow? It is times like these when one of those Kindles from would be nice. Have you seen them? They are pretty cool. I would like one, but they are out of my price range.

Did he do that on purpose so he didn't have to play Edward and Bella with you. That is not very nice.

Rachel said...

Wow that is sooo awesome that he volunteers!

Tori_z said...

*hugs* I'm sorry... :(