Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What Am I...NEW?

WARNING...WARNING...WARNING! I call my husband a bad word in this post, so if you are sensitive to that kind of thing...TOUGH. He deserved it!

Matt is allergic to pork, he breaks out in hives if he eats anything with pork in it. I have been married to Matt for 13 years, I am well aware of his allergy. I am the last person who will ever give him pork because I'm the person who ends up scratching his back.

The fact that his allergy is always in the for front of my mind does not stop Matt from reminding me of it every chance he gets.

Today I was in the grocery store on my lunch break and I sent him a text regarding what I should make for dinner. This is how it went:

Me: What should I make for dinner?

Matt: Goulash!

Me: But that takes an hour just to bake. I'll make it on Sunday.

Matt: Oh OK

Me: Are Italian sausage sandwiches ok?


Me: I got you turkey sausage, asshole!

Matt: Ohhh...LMAO! Okay then!


Jen said...

were they

The Wife O Riley said...

Aren't they always?

ChicagoLady said...

Turkey sausage is yummy, as is turkey bacon! I have a friend that is Muslim, so whenever I go visit, I have to make sure I bring things with no pork.

Queenie Jeannie said...


Looks like our great minds were in the same zone today, huh?? God bless our hubbies!!

I have to say, it gave me such a thrill to see my blog in your blogroll. I even made my husband come over to the computer to see it!! Thank you for makin' my night!!

Tori_z said...

Must have been a day for daft hubbies. I don't dare post half the conversations I had with mine. LOL! ;)

Btw, I wont be around for a few days (probably more like a week). Nothing personal... You've got a great blog... It's just that I've got to go back in hospital AGAIN! Just thought I'd let you know so you don't think I just decided to stop visiting.

heathersister said...

Ah, make him a pork one anyway, just for fun. I would.

Rebecca Jo said...

Husbands...dont they know that have it already figured out????

Rachel said...

that is too stinking funny...sounds like me and hubby!

Dorkys Ramos said...

Hahaha too funny!