Friday, December 5, 2008

Flashback Saturday

Here's a post from February. It's something you probably didn't know about Matt.

What Has Matt Been Hiding From Me???

For the past week or so, my husband Matt has been acting quite strange and secretive about something.

Now, when I say "strange", what I mean is, he's been checking the mail everyday and looking rather disappointed after going through it all.

I keep asking him, "Are you okay?", and he would answer, "Yeah". But I just knew something was up! "Are you expecting something in the mail?" I would ask. "Yeah, I am.", he would answer. But now here's the thing... I would ask him, "What are you waiting for?", and his answer every time... "I can't tell you. It's a surprise."

Now, I'm not one for surprises. I HATE the suspense!!! What was this man hiding? What could it be???

Well, I got the answer to the BIG question on Friday night. We were going out to a bar that night to meet up with some friends and see a band, 7th Heaven, that was playing there. (The band was TOTALLY awesome, by the way). Matt was REALLY hoping to get what he was expecting in the mail by the time we went, but unfortunately, it hadn't arrived yet. But he still wanted to make the announcement to everyone.

It turns out that every night after I went to bed, (I get up about an hour before everyone else in the house, so I go to bed a bit earlier that Matt), he was taking on-line courses without anyone knowing about it.

What he had been waiting for was his certificate telling the whole world that he was an official LEGAL Ordained Minster!!! He had spent the last few months studying and taking tests on-line!

So, it turns out, we now have a legally Ordained Minister in the house! He's legal in ALL 50 States. He can perform weddings, funerals, baptisms. He can even council Oh, and he has an official title as well... "Reverend"! He even gets to wear the black shirt with the white collar if he wants! He even gets one of those signs that say "OFFICIAL CLERGY BUSINESS" for the car.(Not that I can think of any reason to use it)

As you can imagine, everyone was VERY excited to hear the news! We even did a few toasts that night to our very own "Rev. Matt".

Matt has always been a very spiritual person, he spent 9 years in Catholic school and then when he got older, he moved away from Catholicism. He is very knowledgeable about the bible and takes his spirituality very serious. He would never take this lightly and has spent a long time researching this and months taking all the tests.

That being said, I must admit, I've never been a very religious person, but it's nice to know that if I ever do something that needs forgiveness, I don't need to leave the house.

Since this post in February, Matt has buried my grandmother, performed a vow renewal ceremony and is booked for a wedding in March.


Queenie Jeannie said...

That is so lovely!! Congratulations Matt!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, that's pretty neat.

ChicagoLady said...

That is so awesome!!!!

If I ever need a clergy for something, I know who to contact, lol.

heathersister said...

Well that is pretty freakin' sweet. Go Rev. Matt!