Thursday, January 29, 2009

Matt Will Be So Pleased That He's Right.

One more thing, I got this quiz over at ChicagoLady and Tori...They didn't have the same results.

Your result for The Crazy Test...

You're insane!

You scored 3 Sane, 6 Insane, 5 Crazy, 5 Weird and 4 NeedHelp!

Don’t take that the wrong way. There’s nothing wrong with you.

Deep down inside: you wish someone would offer you candy.

Your great abiding passion is: confused

Your innermost fear is: uncontrolled

Your greatest strength is: you are very innovative

Your deepest regret is: no one understands you

Your most sincere hope is: you get out soon

Your best quality is: the way you express yourself

Your weakest trait is: communication

Your reason for living is: unknown

When your star is in Jupiter, you will find a coin in the moonlight. Watch for elephants on the 5th. Love looks for you around the corner, so don’t wear a disguise. Look for a sign in the flower petals on the 16th.

When you grow up you will be a captive.

You will have 47 children and 7 cars.

You will live in an alternate reality.

Your spouse’s name will be unimportant.

You will be rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Everyone will love you.

Wisdom will follow you all of your days.

The King of Spades indicates your future. The Card of Death represents a sudden change. The Seven of Sticks turned upside down shows your past.

You were born in the year of the Lizard. Your Sign is Square. In your past life, you were alive. Your wrinkles tell the story of your life. Your destiny is unfolding.

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Kimmy said...

That's hilarious! I took it too and apparently I'm sane. Who would have known?! LOL

Nana said...

I'm too scared to take the crazy test.

ChicagoLady said...

LMAO! 47 children, huh??? Better get busy!

Keep an eye out for those elephants, cause we both know there are so many of them roaming free in Chicago. Or maybe you should just stay away from the zoos!

I bet Matt thought this was spot on!

Jamie said...

I was sane. Too funny. Have a great weekend!

Intense Guy said...

I so sad - I took test and it said I was sane. WTF?

47 kids huh? Your poor chiroprator is going to be workign overtime.

heathersister said...

I am afraid to take this.

Tori_z said...

That was the result I thought I'd get... LOL!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! I have not seen that one yet.