Thursday, March 12, 2009

Acid Flashback Friday

Before I give you this week's flashback Friday, I have a little story to tell.

Let me set the stage for you, Christmas 1993. My sister Erin is just about to open her Christmas present from my then boyfriend Matt.

A few weeks earlier, Matt had stood in line all night to get Erin her Christmas present. He got her tickets to see New Kids on The Block in the spring, her very favorite group at the time.

The look on Erin's face when she opened that little box that contained 2 tickets was priceless. She jumped up and down screaming and hugging Matt at the same time. It was a really heartfelt family moment.

Until 2 months later, when we got the awful news that NKOTB disbanded for good. Never to be heard from again.

Fast forward to March 2009, I'm at work and my phone rings. I pick it up only to hear screams and gurgling noises.

In sort of a panic, I demand that the person on the other end calm down and tell me what was going on! It was Erin, she was calling me to tell me that one of her friends had surprised her with tickets to see New Kids on The Block and she was so excited she was finally going to get to see them. She had to call me right away.

Last night was the concert and even though they are a little older and a little wiser, they probably can't do as many moves as they used to and they have definitely moved away from teen idol status, I hope they were everything she wanted them to be.

So, this week's Flashback Friday is dedicated to Erin, grasping a little part of her youth that eluded her for so long!

Remember Erin, keep Hangin' Tough!


Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

I am so gals she finally got to see them! I have to admit I was never really in to them when I was younger. Have a great weekend!

LadyStyx said...

How awful for not only her, but also Matt, back then (after all he IS the one who stood in line that whole time to get her an awesome gift to only end up with worthless paperstock). Im so glad she was able to get a chance to see them after all this time.

Rebecca Jo said...

NKOTB... wow.. memories... adored them!!!

Punkn said...

I'm surprised she still wanted to see them but am glad she got to!

Anonymous said...

I always loved their songs, but to watch them? well that's a bit different for me since I thought they looked goofy with the way they dressed. So blindfold me, okay??

The Blue RIdge Gal

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

YAY for her!!! I loved them, too!!

Cammie said...

I am living my dream of seeing them in just a few weeks...Im going with my BFF who saw them back in Oct last year and says that they still DO have all the moves and still kick just as much ass...only now it is not all dirty because they are adults!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my, how I was in love with nkotb. my wall was full of their hot bods and dreamy eyes. there were so many rumors of why they broke up, some of them not so nice! but i did't get to go to there concert when they came here, shame on me.

Lacey said...

This story is priceless! I never liked the New Kids on the Block, but I remember vividly a girl who lived down the street from me, bawling her eyes out when they broke up. It was like the worst. day. ever. Haha.

ChicagoLady said...

I loved NKOTB when they came out. Without them, boy bands like NSYNC and BSB might never have had the appeal they did.

I'm glad your sister finally got to see them in concert.