Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Man, This Kid Can Be So Sweet When She Wants to Be!!

I am in full blown stay-at-home warrior mode! I got up at 4:15am this morning to drive Uncle Jim to work. Got some coffee, and came home. I got Matt up at 6:45 and then proceeded to MAKE SCRABBLED EGGS FOR EVERYONE! (remember this was a strictly cereal and milk on school days household) I made Emerson her lunch, (no lunch money for her this morning) got the girls dressed, (no hanging out in pjs) got the animals fed, and drove Emerson to school.
I decided with Emerson in school these next couple of weeks, I am going to focus on the house and get it tip top shape so we can enjoy the rest of the summer. I am taking a break from a complete redo of our kitchen. I am doing some rearranging, throwing out some things, cleaning cabinets and then painting them.

I just wanted to tell you a little conversation that Emerson and I had this weekend.

We were watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians (MOM OF THE YEAR!!) and this is how it went.

Emerson: "Did you find yourself yet, Mommy?"

Me: "No, it's going to take a while. I used to be somebody and now I'm not anybody."

Emerson: "But you're EVERYBODY!!!"

I grabbed her and gave her the biggest bear hug! That kid kills me sometimes!


Cammie said...

awwww, very sweet!

Becky said...

Sounds to me like she nailed it on the head:)

Kimmy said...

ww...I love it when they are lovey dovey!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

That made my heart melt...

Anonymous said...

Our jobs DO NOT define who we are. I hope you will always remember that. You are so much more than a girl behind a desk. OKAY??

The Blue Ridge Gal

Grand Pooba said...

Awww, that kid is dang sweet! See? Kids always tell the truth!

Deanna said...

Kids know best. They see what us adults can't. It sounds like you are definitely in warrior mode! Go, Go, Go, Becky!!!!!

Intense Guy said...

Not only is she sweet... she's smart too.

I love that picture of you three.

Funny in my mind said...

I skipped blog-reading for a few days and missed the day you got let go. I think you be thankful that you left with your pride and dignity!! You will have up days and down days but being mis-treated is no fun so you find your place. Until then, enjoy life, my friend.
Johnny called, he needs a full-time person to stare at him all day. The pay is nothing but the perks are great!

LadyStyx said...


Ribbon said...

How beautiful are you and your babes!

So lovely to read your joy.
Keep up the happiness.... but for me that wouldn't include those early starts. That's just way too early.

best wishes

Heather said...

Ever heard this quote:

"To the world you may just be one person,

But to one person, you may be the world."

You ARE the world to your family, Becky. Don't let any evil office whore or crappy bosses let you think anything else.

Just sayin'.

Lacey said...

You are in such a strange transition right now, to be sure. Luckily you have such an amazing family to help you keep your head on straight! :-)