Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pride Parade

For the first full day of Erin's visit we went to the Gay Pride Parade which is 3 blocks from mom's house.

Erin has never been and she was curious. She was also scared that Gage would see something and ask a lot of questions for the rest of the week.

What she didn't know was that the Pride Parade is the second most attended parade in Chicago, only to be beaten by the Bud Bilican Back to School Parade.

But what I think really impressed her and has her as a parade-goer for years to come is that the parade starts at 11am and that's when you stand on the street and start drinking. (Unless of course you are lucky enough to be invited to one of those awesome pre-parade parties and then you start much earlier)

We have been going to the parade for the last 4 years and it never fails to impress. This year was no exception. We always take our kids and they LOVE it. They saw our new Governor, the Chicago Police Superintendent, The State Treasurer, and quite a few local news personalities whom they recognized.

At one point, the Cook County Sheriff, Tom Dart, was shaking every one's hand. I love him and you can read about why here. When he got to Erin and me he looked down in our cups and said "Man, you guys got beer!!"

Erin did not have to worry about Gage seeing anything he might question, he didn't see anything. The boy slept through the whole parade!!!! But my girls walked away from it with beads, a Chicago Public Library bag, fans, temporary tattoos, a sheriff's badge, and magnets.

One funny thing was that when we were walking down to the parade, Gage asked if Batman was going to be there. We laughed and said "Maybe" Well, wouldn't you know who showed up while Gage was sleeping.


Sassy Britches said...

VERY JEALOUS. I was there the weekend before, and I had to be downstate for a meeting this weekend. SO MAD that I missed PRIDE! Glad you guys had a ball!

Tori_z said...

Glad you all enjoyed.

And, hey, one of these days Gage will start asking questions. Erin just has to accept that. Instead of worrying about it, maybe she should start thinking of answers to possible questions he might ask? That way she'll be more prepared. ;)

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I think it's AWESOME that you take the entire family to a Pride parade!!! So many people shield their children from such culture. We never did with our kids, either.

I love all the costumes and I support them 110%!!!!!

I love that Batman showed up! I bet you guys were laughing so hard beer shot out of your nose!

Intense Guy said...

Gage sure looks comfy and relaxed!

I'm glad YOU are having such a blast! Makes all that icky stuff that happened in the winter just wash away.

Oh, I found out my ATM account has a daily transaction limit so the bail money might be slow to accumulate - just an FYI.

*wonders what you and Tomato will be up to next!*

P.s., Is Matt ok? Did he recover from his spider bite?

kimber p said...

this is awesome :) you guys were lucky at your parade, no one was allowed open containers at the one here in Columbus, except if you had purchased beer tickets and you could only consume it in the park. which, probably wasn't a bad thing..lol

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm totally laughing at that version of Batman!!! I need to get that outfit for my husband! :)

Anonymous said...

Heh Heh... that's sure not the Batman of the TV show I remember. Hee hee hee

The Blue Ridge Gal
(looks like a really fun parade!)

a corgi said...

I like parades and a parade where you can have a beer is even better!

glad you guys all had a great time!


Deanna said...

You two are having way too much fun. Gage definitely looked comfy. Those dudes standing on the window ledge gave me the willies (am scared of heights ya know...)

Grand Pooba said...

Bahahahaha! Best batman ever!

LadyStyx said...

LOL@ Batman!

Lacey said...

Holy cow do I have a lot of commenting to catch up on. Eeeek!

The Pride Parade looks awesome! And I think I love your sheriff too, we totally need more people like that in charge!

Okay, Batman soooo gets to be my desktop background for a day, haha!