Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Pictures and A Halloween Costume Conundrum

We took the girls to the Route 66 Preservation Society Annual Picnic on Sunday. The drawback was that our kids were the only kids there. Not much fun for them. There was a playground and some swing bridges that we went to explore, so it wasn't a total loss. I also took the opportunity to take some "outside" pictures of the girls.

On our way home, we started talking about Halloween. Vivi is having a hard time deciding between Max from Where The Wild Things Are and Cinderella. Emerson, however, has her mind made up. She wants to be a Rockford Peach from the AAGPBL. (All American Girl Professional Baseball League) You might remember them from the movie A League of Their Own.
I have search the web for a costume, but the only one I can find is for an adult and it's $225. A little more than I wanted to spend.
I went to my mom's work today and I think I laid the ground work with one of our friends. She's an incredible seamstress and I asked her if she would teach me to sew. When my mom gets back from Paris, I will have her ask her again. I'm pretty good at Velcro and fusible web, but I don't think I can do a whole costume without it falling apart.


Anonymous said...

Love the idea of the 'League Of Their Own' costume.... very original if you ask me for a girl to request it. Will enjoy seeing how it turns out.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and the photos of the girls outdoors are AWESOME!!!


Deanna said...

Your girls are precious. Great pictures.
I'd probably belt an extra long t-shirt at the waist and velcro or glue an emblem of some sort on the costume (lol and I can sew). Great ideas.
One of my granddaughters wants to be a stick man. Apparently you wear all black and have reflective tape down your center, down the legs, across the arms, and around the face and you glow in the dark like a stick man.

Intense Guy said...

So precious. I really like the one of them sitting by the lake with their backs turned... I hope they feel this way about each other every year of their lives.

I bet you will create the most awesome halloween costume too!

Grand Pooba said...

Those pictures are just gorgeous! I love the one when their both sitting down and have their heads on each others shoulders.


Sewing? Never heard of it.

a corgi said...

your girls are so adorable and photogenic! my favorite is when they are side to side with their faces, but all great!!

what a cute original Halloween costume. I can't imagine anyone paying $225 for one, wow!!!!

I bet you'll be able to "whip" one up in no time with a few seamstress tips; I remember when I had to have my bridesmaid dress made for my sister's wedding I resorted to a seamstress lady; it was well worth the $45 she charged me (years ago but it was a fancy dress); might be something else to look into

of course one year I did make a pumpkin costume for one of the kids; it was I think the one and only one I made in their years of costumes

it is that time of year too! saw some people already had decorated for it here

enjoy :)


Sassy Britches said...

How adorable will that outfit be?! I hope it works out for her!

Heather said...

That is a such an original idea! I wonder if people will recognize her from the movie?

Good luck with the sewing. You did a great job last year; have some faith :)

PictureGirl said...

Your girls are beautiful! Great pictures of them.

I'm glad you went to the Route 66 preservation picnic. I live on Route 66 in MO and it's very important that we save the sections of our Mother Road that are being neglected.

NIce post.

LadyStyx said...

Rockford Peach...what a great choice!

Looks like we all seem to like the same photos in this grouping.

Lacey said...

Those pictures turned out so great! I'm trying to decide on a favorite... I think it's the one of them both facing the lake. :-)

Good luck with your sewing endeavors! I have tried, and tried again... and I just have no patience at all, haha.

Man, you really ARE turning into Martha Stewart over there! Cooking... sewing... sceeeery... LOL!

Hit 40 said...

Going old school and sewing by yourself!! Nice Way to up the bar on the right of us.

My youngest is reusing his wiener costume from last year. :-) And my oldest quit dressing up a couple years ago. I am psyched. I like my boys going up.

blueviolet said...

Your pictures are so cute! Love, love, love them!

Tori_z said...

Good luck with the costumes. :)

ChicagoLady said...

Great pictures of your girls. Good luck on the Georgia Peach costume. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Moriah said...

Thanks for sharing the awesome pics.!! Your girls are super cute and beautiful. I prefer to visit Costume Kingdom

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