Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's Elementary Dear Watson!

Recently, my father asked me to do their grocery shopping for them. He is not old or feeble, he just sort of doesn't want to do it anymore. He offered me a proposal to do their weekly grocery shopping for them and they would pay me $25 to do it.

I agreed to do it on Wednesdays because I drop off Vivi at preschool and I could swing by, get their list and go before I have to pick her up. And who couldn't use an extra $25 a week? That's bowling money.

When he asked me it was Monday and they were out of a few essentials like toilet paper. I told them that I would come over and get their list, go, and then do it on Wednesdays in the future. ( I truly am gunning for the first chair in heaven.)

I went, armed with coupons, and did the shopping. After I brought them into the house and unloaded for them, I left. That's when I realized that I forgot to get my payment. I fretted about it for a little while but decided to give dad a call in the morning. My plan was to tell him that I forgot to get it from them this time but the next time, I will just write the check over.

Good on paper, right? Not so good in real life. I called yesterday morning and said my little speech, this is what I got.

Dad: "I gave it to you!" "It was when you first got here and you put it in your pocket."

I have no recollection of this transaction. I checked the pockets of my pants, my jacket, I checked my box of coupons, and the car. Nothing.

I didn't call him back because our relationship is weird. I didn't want to accuse him of not giving me the money so he can turn it around on me. (That's how it is)

He did, however call me back to see if I found it. When I told him no, he got sort of exasperated and said the he would give me "Another" $25. I told him that I must have lost it and it was my fault so he doesn't owe my anything. (Meanwhile, feeling like I must be losing my mind) Then he said the most interesting thing;

Dad: "I gave it to you when you first got here, you took it with your right hand and put it in your right hand pants pocket."


I called my mom right away and told him what he said. (They're divorced) Here's what she said.

Mom: "Then he obviously didn't give you the money!"

Me: "That's what I thought, there is no way he gave it to me!"

Can you guess why?

That's right! I am completely left handed. I do absolutely EVERYTHING with my left hand. In fact, if my right arm was cut off from my body, life would go on as if nothing ever happened.

Seriously, there is no way I would have taken anything with my right hand, let alone put it in my right hand pants pocket. It doesn't even exist to me.
So, now my mom wants me to call him and tell him that their is no way he gave me the money because I wouldn't have taken it like he remembered. She also wants me to ask him if he knows me at all? I don't think I'll be doing that. I think I will just let it go and next week, I will right the check over by $25 and not worry about it.

I missed my calling, I should have been a detective. Eat your heart out Nancy Drew!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow. I have known you under ten years and I know you would never use your right hand unless Dr Ron made you. LOL


Kimmy said...

OMG! Don't you just hate it when we feel like we can't respond to a situation just because it's a parent yet if it were anyone else, we would make sure we got our money. I;m sorry you're out that money :o( That stinks!

Hey, how 'bout you write the check over by $50 instead. If he can't remember if your a righty or lefty, maybe he won't notice the extra $25. LOL!

kimber p said...

don't you hate being put in those situations where you need to defend your position and its about money? especially with a parent. you handled it like i would have..let it go, but make sure you get it next time...i hate confrontation like

Lacey said...

This is going to be the funnest weekly chore EVER, I can already tell. :-)

Becky said...

Very good Ms Drew:)

(Did you see Johnny made Sexiest Man alive on People's List!)

Intense Guy said...

Ugh, doing business with the relatives can lead to sticky wickets... But I hope things work out for you - how is the bowling average these days?

Funny in my mind said...

I would jokingly tell him something along the lines of, "I never even use my right hand but you can keep the money this time"
Did ya see who People's Sexiest Man Alive is?

blueviolet said...

Oh you really DID solve a mystery! I felt like I was reading one of those 2-minute mystery books I used to love!

Deanna said...

Are you sure he isn't senile? What a rotten trick!

That corgi :) said...

you are a good daughter to do this (and get stiffed in the deal). good detective skills too! I know you'll be careful to make sure you get your money next week. I think I would glady pay someone $25 to grocery shop for me, what a chore :)

("our" Johnny did good this week, didn't he, I'm so buying a People magazine.....)


LadyStyx said...

Yes indeed. Not to know if your own child is a righty or lefty..sheesh. Now I can understand it in a family where the child is ambidextrous, or has the tendency towards it (like in my family), but in this case?