Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where is Eddie Money With Those 2 Tickets to Paradise?

I know that I'm not working right now, but I totally need a vacation. And not one with my family! They are making me NUTS!!!!

The girls have gone through their normal fall illnesses, colds, sore throats, coughs, etc. We have dealt with it. It's never fun when your children are sick, especially when you have clingy kids like I do. All they want is for me to hold them and usually both at the same time.

They are both healthy now, thank goodness. But now, my third and most needy child had pneumonia. That's right, it's Matt.

He is by far worse than both my kids and all of Kate Gosselin's kids rolled into one. (Especially that brat, Maddie) I am so done with the tissues, coughing, whining, moaning, and all around acting like an infant. I know he feels bad, but SUCK IT UP!!!!

I know I sound like the worse wife ever, but when I was feeling bad a few weeks ago, life went on. There was no one there to coddle me. In fact, both kids were sick too, so my illness took a back seat.

All I would like is to lay on a nude beach with Johnny Depp, is that too much to ask???? Come on Johnny, I know you read the blog, throw away that restraining order and come and pick me up. I'll make margaritas!!!


Heather said...

Why is it that when mom is sick, life doesn't come to a screaming halt like it does when anyone else in the family is sick? So not fair.

I just don't know about the nude beach, however. I don't like the idea of all that sand getting in places where the sun don't shine.


Intense Guy said...

Poor Matty. Maybe you could send him to that warm sunny beach - the fresh salty air ought to help him feel better quickly.

Now to figure out where to put you and Johnny. Oh, the conumdrum...

blueviolet said...

Wouldn't that nude beach with Johnny Depp be the best escape ever?!!!

That corgi :) said...

honestly it is the worst when the hubbies are under the weather; my theory is because us moms of boys coddle them so much when they are young and sick that they want to carry that through when they are adults and its hard for us wives to cater to them when they are sick. and you are right, when we are sick we have to go on and "live", getting everything done no matter how miserable we might feel

Johnny's at my beach today; I'll send him your way tomorrow :)

hugs to you, off to read your next post, for some reason I couldn't get onto your journal early today, kept getting a blank piece of paper every time I tried to pull it up


Tori_z said...

Men are always worse than kids when they're sick. The kids just want cuddles, but will take the medicine (even if you have to resort to bribing them) and can be sent to bed. Hubbies though... Sick hubbies are NOT fun!

LadyStyx said...

Not sure about the nude beach...but someplace warm with sun and a nice breeze....

prashant said...

the fresh salty air ought to help him feel better quickly.

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