Saturday, March 27, 2010

Small, And A Little Humorous Glimps Into My Current Life.

I know, I've been a very bad blogger. For a while I just lost interest in doing it. It makes me wonder if I had been suffering from some sort of depression, they always say that it's a sign when you suddenly lose interest in things that you normally love to do. I don't know.

Anyway, I wanted to catch you guys up in what is going on around here.

Emerson and Vivienne are still doing very well in school. They both seem to love it, which makes life just a little easier.

Emerson, who is turning 11 on April 19th, (11 going on 30) is really looking forward to middle school because they don't have to wear uniforms. Her current school is the only public school in the district that requires uniforms. She has told us that she doesn't want anything big on her birthday, she wants to wait until July so she can have a big "back to school" shopping spree at Justice. The current style she would like to emulate is Selena Gomez/Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place. (which is really cute in a non-slutty sort of way)

She is so smart and witty, it just amazes me! We were watching the news when they announced that Tiger Woods was going to hold a press conference and make a public apology, and this is what she said.

"Tiger Woods owes me nothing. No apology, no explanation. He only needs to apologize to his wife, it's none of my business."

I just love that!!!

Matt came out of the bathroom after he shave his beard off and asked the girls if they noticed anything different.

Girls: "Um...No."

Matt: " Do you notice anything missing on me"

Emerson: "Your dignity?"

I honestly laughed for about an hour!!!

Vivienne's current obsession is still KISS. We gave her KISS action figures for Valentine's day and her favorite thing to wear is her KISS t-shirt. When I drive her to school, I have to play Detroit Rock City on the MP3 player because "It gets me going in the morning, Mommy."

She also still has her imaginary friend, Stacy, and Stacy still get herself into some unusual predicaments.

Matt's work has slowed down and he is now 7 days on, 7 days off. It makes things a little tight. But we are managing.

As for me, there are still times that I find myself looking around to see if there are cameras following me like "The Truman Show".

I now go to the gym 4 days a week. Mondays are with my trainer Peter. He is a former Marine (although I've always heard once a Marine, always a Marine) He is very sweet, even though he KICKS MY ASS any chance he gets!!!!

The first week, he gave me a strength test, just to see what I could do. I couldn't walk for 2 days after that.

The second week, one of the exercises that he made me do was to "bear crawl" across the basketball court. That is crawling on your feet and hands. For 4 days, it was hard for me to get out of the car.

The third week, he put a resistance band around my waist and made me pull him across the basketball court like a sled dog. Either he took it easy on me or I'm getting better because I wasn't nearly as sore as usual. I can't wait to see what's in store for me on Monday.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I do the homework that Peter assigned for me. He has pain stakingly laid out a workout plan for me. 3 days working 2 different muscle groups a day. I also have to do 30 minutes of cardio on all 4 days that I go to the gym. He told me that I could for go one of the days if I took a class. I take flow yoga on Fridays.

So far, I have lost 11/2" off my bust, 3 1/2" off my waist, 1 3/4" off of my hips and 6lbs.

One of the reasons I joined this particular gym was because they have a pool, sauna, steam room and a whirlpool. And it's only $39 a month with no contracts. I do pay extra for Peter, but if I wouldn't be doing nearly as well if I didn't have his guidance.

The first week, I decided that I was going to try out the pool. Even though it's been a while, I am an excellent swimmer and figured it would be easy... I WAS WRONG!!! I could barely do a lap!!!! I would swim a little, mostly in side stroke, and then walk a lap. But each week, I am doing so much better. It has now gotten to the point where I don't have to walk at all, I just swim in both breast stroke and front crawl.

Last week, I found a race online. It's called The Warrior Dash. It's 3.17 miles with 12 insane obstacles. After you complete it, you get a warrior hat and a beer. You can check it out at it is all over the United States, so maybe one of you would be interested in running it too.

That should do it for now, I have some funny gym stories but that will give me something to write next week.


Lacey said...

Your daughters crack me up! I can totally picture the look on Matt's face when Em said, "Your dignity?" Bwahahahahaha!

Your gym workouts almost seem FUN! Almost... haha. I think I'm far too lazy to ever have an ex-Marine for a trainer, just thinking about it makes me sore! ;-)

That corgi :) said...

Emerson was very wise with her comment about Tiger Woods; I'm not sure how many soon to be 11 year olds would have come up with the depth of an answer like that.

that workout sounds gruesome but the results sound good though! congrats on the shrinking inches and pounds!


Grand Pooba said...

Oh my gosh, your daughters are hilarious! You are a lucky mama!

LadyStyx said...

I,too, have been a very bad blogger. It's not as though I don't really have anything to write about but more like I don't USUALLY have anything to write about. Did that make sense? I've got plenty to be blogging now (thanks to a visit early this month) but I'm so trying to keep up with everyone first(which is hard when you have a few of those multi-posts a day type bloggers). Well that and it feeling like a chore and me being sidetracked to those FB apps....

Intense Guy said...

Emerson is precious that is for sure... The world needs more like her!

And congrats on sticking to the workouts!! It sounds punishing but you must feel great about your "new" self!

Toriz said...

I think most of us are bad bloggers lately, what with various offline commitments, and various states of depression, and various other things that prevent people from making the rounds on the blogs properly. So, don't feel bad about it.

Your girls sound like really great kids. I hope when I have one of my own he or she is as good a kid as your two.