Monday, April 5, 2010

Johnny Depp Monday!

I hope everyone had a nice Easter.

Another one from Ladystyxx. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

You have not been here in Bloggyland enough and you are officially grounded!

The Blue Ridge Gal

That corgi :) said...

wonder who that guy is who is so close to him? always sooo good to see Johnny; makes Mondays something to look forward to!

we did have a nice Easter; hope yours was nice too!

we were at Downtown Disney last weekend and in one of the stores they had a hat and wig like the one Johnny wore in Alice in Wonderland. It was cute :)

enjoy the week ahead


Kimmy said...

I agree with Snappy Di! lol You're grounded. We all just miss your witty posts.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter also!!

Intense Guy said...

Goodness... Now LadyStyx too... How many drooling women are stalking this dude anyway? :)

Laurie said...

I have been reading your posts on Johnny Depp Mondays for quite some time and enjoy it very much! (You show up in my Google Alerts for Johnny news!) The man with Johnny in this picture is his body guard, Jerry. He is an amazing man and has a VERY tough job.

Thank you for your JD Mondays, they always bring a smile to my face!

Laurie Jackson
Global Moderator

LadyStyx said...

LOL @ iggy! Ok ok, so I've gotten rather fond of JD. First person I think of anytime I see a Depp link is Becky... and I know I just HAVE to share...

Toriz said...

I had a good Easter. Hope you did too!

Lizze said...

Hi! My name is Lizze and I used to write Cheerio Confessions. I've since moved my blog to WordPress and renamed it Daily Mommy Survival. I know you used to follow my old blog and I hope that you will follow my new blog as well. You can follow along through via FaceBook.

Robyn said...

Hello :)

I haven't been here in a very long while and i hope all is well with you.

best wishes

Intense Guy said...

Just thought I'd pop in and say hello ... been thinking about you - and hope you and yours are enjoying the summer.

Kimmy said...

Just wanted to stop by and hope all is well with you guys. Miss seeing your posts!