Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Not Quite June Cleaver

This week Matt took off of work because Emerson is out on spring break and Vivi got kicked out of daycare a couple of weeks ago. (Because of too many kids, not because of her behavior) We are also babysitting my boss's dog this week, so this was excellent timing.

Now in my vast, overactive imagination I had fantasies that my house would be clean and there would be a different project done each day. Matt also had these fantasies, over the weekend he brought up painting and cleaning and fixing up the joint.

This is what happened last night in reality..

I got home a little early because we had our monthly meeting at Sylvan. I had mentioned this meeting and the time a couple times to Matt. You would think that the children would be dressed and ready to go. No. Vivi was dressed but Emerson was still in her pajamas with Popsicle all down the front. (Which I think she wore when they walked the dog, but I didn't ask)

I walked into the bedroom and there was chocolate and Popsicle all over the bed!!!!

Where were the string of pearls and high heels that Matt was suppose to be wearing???

Where was the ice cold martini that should have been waiting for me??

NOTHING!!!!! Matt is no kind of "housewife"!!! I even asked him about dinner and he told me that he hadn't thought about it yet.

In his defense, staying home is not for the weak hearted. Those kids can gang up on you and everything can get pretty overwhelming. Sometimes the day just slips away.

We'll see how he does tonight, I'll keep you posted