Wednesday, March 26, 2008

For The Love of All That is Holy... NOT THE FACE!!!!!

Matt must have got my not so subtle hint. When I got home last night both girls were at the sink washing dishes. Not necessarily what I had in mind, but who am I to argue. When they were done they went to take the dog for a walk. Not being dog owners, (we are babysitting this dog) sometime we forget to grab the baggie for the poopie. Last night was no exception so Matt gave Emerson the leash while he ran inside to get the baggie. Normally this is not a problem because Indiana (the dog) is very good but he's also very strong.

Just as Matt was walking inside, Indiana spotted another dog and took off!! He pulled Emerson right off her feet and dragged her a little across the sidewalk until she finally let go. When she stood up, her face was all bloody!!! I cleaned her up and assessed the damage. She had a gash on her chin and that's where the blood was coming from and she had what looked like road rash on her upper cheekbone and her eyelid. I applied pressure to her chin and gave her a bag of frozen blueberries in a flannel pillowcase to apply to her cheek. Alas, the chin would not stop bleeding so we took to the immediate care center.

My poor baby needed to get 2 stitches in her chin and she didn't even cry once!!!! They bandaged up her chin and cheek and sent us on our way. She looks like she went a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson, but she'll be fine. She just loves the attention that she gets from everyone.