Saturday, March 29, 2008

What a Great Night!

Last night we were going to go out to dinner like we normally do on Fridays, but no one but Vivi was up for it. We decided to spend a quiet evening at home. Matt went and picked up a pizza and the girls and I played "Monster" on the bed. We sat around on the living room floor eating pizza and watching High School Musical 2 on the Disney Channel (for the millionth time). After the movie was over we played a couple of games of Disney DVD Bingo which Vivi won 4 out of 5. She was so cute! Every time a character popped up on the screen, she would tell us whether or not they were nice or bad and then she would look at her board and announce whether she had it or or not. After the 5th game, the girls went into my room and laid on the bed watching cartoons and Matt and I bought a movie on Pay-Per-View. We watched "Into The Wild" and it was wonderful!!!

Tonight, we hope to go out to dinner. A friend of mine told me about this family restaurant that serves huge pots of homemade soups to your table when you first walk in. We LOVE soup. Then I am hoping we can play another game and watch Toy Story. That was Emerson's favorite movie when she was Vivi's age and Vivi hasn't seen it yet. But whatever we do, we always have fun together.