Friday, March 28, 2008

She Can Start College in Diapers, Right, What’s The Big Deal?

Boy, do I hate potty training!!!!! Not that I’m a big fan of changing diapers either, but I really hate potty training. As hard as I try, I just can’t get the hang of it and Vivi isn’t helping at all.

Now, it’s been about 6 years since we potty trained Emerson and I really don’t recall it being this difficult. Emerson took to the potty like a duck to water. We started at age 2 and were pretty casual about it until she got close to 3 and then we doubled our efforts. By her third birthday, it was all about the panties.

Vivi is another breed of cat! It seems that she has no problem going on the potty at other people's houses, it’s just our house that she has the exception with. Both daycare (when she was going) and my mother-in-law tell me how she stayed dry all day and went on the potty each time she had to go and was so good about it. At home, I have to actually show Vivi that there is a potty for her. It goes a little something like this;

Mommy: Vivi, do you have to go on the potty?

Vivi: Where the potty???

Mommy: It’s in the bathroom where it’s always been.

Vivi (walking into the bathroom): I no seeeeee iiiiittt!!!!!!

Mommy (going into the bathroom after her pointing out the little potty): It’s right here!! Let's try to go on the potty, Please??

Vivi: Not yet!

10 minutes later.

Vivi: Mommy, you change me, Vivi got poopoos.

Big girls panties are no motivation either, she just wears them over her diaper.

When we are out she tells us that she has to go to the bathroom. After we take her in there, she informs us that she doesn’t need to use the facilities; she just wanted to see the bathroom.

I am about at my wits end. I once met a child who refuse to use the potty and then couldn’t get into Kindergarten!!! Now I'm scare to death! What if Vivi never goes on the potty???? How big do they make diapers???

I guess we would never have to worry about her staying out too late on a date. In my experience, if a girl craps her pants, the date is usually over.

I have one more card up my sleeve; we are going to Disney World in April. And as a friend told me, THERE ARE NO DIAPERS AT DISNEY!! I really hope it works, for her sake. No one wants a smelly homecoming queen.