Friday, April 18, 2008

OY, What a Week!!


It started out when I made myself a piece of toast. I took one bite of it and all I could taste was mold. I voiced my complaint to Matt and he took a bite and said it was fine and ate the rest of it. He told me to make myself another piece but I refused, citing that if this one was moldy, the others are too. He promptly went into the kitchen and inspected the remaining pieces of bread. With quite a smirk on his face, he showed me that there was not a speck of mold on any of the bread. Convinced I was right, I insisted on sniffing every inch of each of the slices until I was able to pin-point the exact location of the invisible mold. So, Matt threw the bread away and ran out the door before I was able to tell him that I no longer had a taste for toast. When he came back with new bread, he was none too pleased with me.


I was informed by my daughter that we were out of my special cookies. Each evening I have 5 chewy chips ahoy cookies heated up in the microwave and a glass of milk. It’s my thing and I have done it for years. Recently, it has come to my attention that everyone in the house now enjoys my cookies, even though I buy them their own cookies. So I went to bed without dessert.


Still no cookies!! When I complained, Matt told me that there were the store brand cookies that I can have but he was definitely not going to the store for me. I don’t like the store brand cookies, I ONLY LIKE CHEWY CHIPS AHOY!!!! He did not budge from his position. Apparently, the cookie battle is one that he chooses to fight.

Finally, I was jonesing so bad for the chewy goodness, I announced that the store brand cookies will be fine, but I only want 3 but cooked the same amount of time in the microwave. (It was very reminiscent of “When Harry met Sally”) I made that announcement and didn’t move from the couch. After a few minutes, Matt breathed a very heavy sigh and got up and went into the kitchen. This is how the conversation went;

Matt “You are some piece of work!”

Me “What did I do?”

Matt “You announce that you want the store brand cookies, yet you make no effort to actually go and get them.”

Me “Why are you being such an ass??!!”

Matt “Me??!?!!?” “I’m making you your damn cookies!!!”

Me “You know, there are 100 guys who would love to make me my cookies!!!!”

Matt (startled) “What was that pounding???”

Me (now startled) “What pounding? I didn’t hear anything.”

Matt “It must be those 100 guys pounding on the door to make you your cookies”

Me “Smart Ass!!”


The cookie standoff continues. He won’t buy the cookies and now I’m on Webkinz strike. I will only play games on Emerson’s Webkinz


This was the worst day yet!!! As I mentioned before I am an avid reader and I like to get my books at Half Priced Book Store. It turns out you can also sell your books there too. While I was in my closet that morning I noticed that I had a ton of hardcover books on the shelves in there. I took them all down and dusted them off. They were in good condition, so I decided to box them up and bring them to the store. After all, I needed to get the 4th book in the series that I am currently reading. So I boxed up 15 books and lugged them to the car. At my lunch break, I drove over there and l lugged the box in the store. They informed me that it was going to be 30 minutes but I had to stay in the store because it could be earlier. I agreed and ran over to shelves to get my new book. They didn’t have it. They had all the other ones from the series except #4. Unbelievable!!! I grabbed 5 and 6 but I can’t even read the backs in case it gives something away. Finally I was called to the counter for my offer. I walked up there and they said that for my 15 hardcover books they would offer me…$2.50!!!!!! Not a piece, but for all of them!! So, by the end of the experience; I had $2.50, a 10% off coupon and I still spent $5.

The good news is that the Webkinz strike worked. I got my cookies last night and I went on his Webkinz and won him a trophy.

There are just some days that I truly believe that I am on some kind of reality show and I’m not aware of it. Just like “The Truman Show”

You guys would tell me, right?


Julie said...

OMG!!! What a week indeed, good for you was about time Matt, how could you make her wait like that. I must say made me laugh from the heart today. Since you do write so well, how about writing your own books...just a for the possibility of being never know!!!!
Have an excellent weekend!!! Hugs from the only Canadian you actually like. Love Julie

Anonymous said...
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