Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Webkin Sweatshop

Emerson and Matt now each have 7 webkins a piece. This is getting absurd. Every time Matt leaves the house he comes back with something Webkins. So far he brought home trading cards, figurines, and bookmarks. We have the regular Webkins and we have the Littlekins. And everything has a code so you can go online, put in the code and get something free. Everyone seems to be very happy, Vivi gets new stuff animals to play with and Matt and Emerson have their online worlds to have fun with.

That was until the other day. I was curious about the things that you do for these little guys online, so I watch Matt play a game. It was called Quizzy's Word Challenge and it was like the game Boggle. While I was watching, I was helping. Then it dawned on Matt, I was really good at this game. It turns out I am really good at a couple of the games and the better you are, the more money you make.

So now I am the hottest commodity in that house. Everyone needs Mommy. Matt has even taken to making dinner at night so I can sit and play games and make them more money. When I came home last night Emerson showed me their new littlekins and when I asked when am I going to get a Webkin, I was told that I can't have one. Apparently, I am only there to help them. They are afraid that if I get one, I will play on mine and not on theirs.

It's nice to be needed, and I do have to say that I have the MAD SKILLS! But I'm starting to feel like I'm in a Webkins sweatshop.


Angy-Julie said...

Hello Becky,
It's nice to find out I'm not the only needed Mommy...they are fun though, sometimes too easy. Anyway just wanted to say HI!! Matt let me know about your blog....Good Luck on your next game. By the way...how's the knitting class, have you started yet?
Love ya...Jewels