Monday, September 1, 2008

A Message from Matt

Matt and I were having a discussion today, and he wanted me to blog about one of my habits. Here's how the conversation went.

Me "What the big deal? I'm sure that everyone does that!"

Matt "No one does that but you and you should blog about it."

Me "If you think people should know, then by all means you blog about it."

Matt "Maybe I will. It will give folks some insight of what I deal with on a daily basis."

Me " I honestly don't know how your not canonized yet, Matt."

Now we have a bet, I will give control of my blog over to Matt for this particular post and promise that I will not edit and we will see what you the reader thinks, sane or insane?

So here is Matt, telling you "in his own words" about a habit that I have that is apparently strange....(and for some reason he insists on using my name)

Hello, my name is Matt and I've been specially trained to deal with Becky. (If you think that "street smarts" alone are enough to deal with her, you are sorely mistaken!) LOL!

Okay, so get a mental picture of this. I'm driving, Becky in the passenger seat, radio playing at a reasonable level, no one talking in the car. Then, out of no where, in a very LOUD voice... "OOOO.... SCOFFLAW!!!"

It makes me jump every time!

Now, "what" you may ask, is she yelling about? I don't know about other states, but in Illinois, on the top right hand side of the rear license plate, is a small 1-1/2 inch by 1 inch sticker that tells you the expiration date of your license plate.

Well, Becky has the odd ability to be able to spot these things from about a mile away. And when she sees one that has expired, even by one day, she yells out, "OOOO... SCOFFLAW!!!"

Now I ask you, who in their right mind does things like that?

I could spend all day on here talking about all of Becky "quirks", but she worries about what are "quirks" and what would just label her as simply "insane". So, she's making me stop here.

But I will say, even with all her quirks, I love her more than anything and wouldn't change a thing about her... Well, maybe the volume of her voice when she decides to yell out things at the spur of the moment. But then again, it does keep me on my toes! LOL!


merc3069 said...

Please take pity on the poor silly girl needing blogging tecvh support...I, too, have a playlist. How did you get yours on your blog?

The Wife O Riley said...

You can add a playlist by clicking on mine and creating your own account. It will take you through the steps to be able to put it on your blog. That's how I got it, I clicked on someone elses blog and created a free account. But it was a long time ago.

dereka3 said...

well now because of becky, i notice that all the time. I used to pay attention to that before but even more now. So she is not insane, because that would make me insane. sorry matt you are wrong.