Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Got Tagged

My good friend Jess over at Smiles in Easy Open Packages tagged me. This is my first time, so here it goes...

Top Four Wishes

Health and Happiness for all family and friends. (make that an All Skate, health and happiness for everyone! I'm buying!)
Unlimited amount of patience
More romance in my life
All spa and anti-aging treatments at my disposal

Four Places I Want to Travel To

All the way down Route 66 (But that might be a way to travel... I dunno know)

Four Careers I Want to Try

Celebrity Stylist
Photo Journalist
Professional Beach bum

Four Things I want God to say at the Gates of heaven

There she is!!
OK, once or twice, I may have given you a little more than you could have handled, but I had faith in you.
You were a good person and made me smile a lot.
Your skin is RADIANT and so youthful for a 98 year old!

Now I'm suppose to tag 4 other people. I truly don't think I have 4 people who read this blog, so this will have to do.

Amy at Bryant/Satoskar Family
Intense Guy
Capitola Girl
Marvelous Kiddo

Have fun, and remember that it's completely optional!


Intense Guy said...

Ah, such good answers. I have to admit I chuckled at "Your skin is RADIANT and so youthful for a 98 year old!"

Thank you for tagging me - I'll have to ponder some answers :)

Poetikat said...

Hey! I'm so glad you enjoyed Blasts from the Past. It's fairly new, and I need some readers, but I have faith it will succeed because we all love nostalgia and I have some pretty unique memories!
My blog is family-friendly and fun. So, I'm thrilled that you discovered me and now I'm "following you" as well.


P.S. Check out my main blog "Poetikat's" to read my diverse poetry n'stuff.

Poetikat said...

I'm sorry - I got way too self-indulgent there! Your blog is cool - I love the look of it (I'm no good with skins) and I love your choice of pictures. I'll have to spend some time reading your posts and get to know you better.


Dorkys R. said...

Hahaha, "You look radiant at 98"

Too funny!

Jess said...

Hope you enjoyed my tagging you! I must say I did not fins it the best thing in the world.
Seems like you got a lot out of it though! xx