Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Three-Way Conversations, Part I

This is something new that I am going to post periodically. The three-way conversation is in reference to when I am on the phone with Erin (my sister) and Matt is listening in and yelling out contributions to what we are talking about. Here is the first installment;

Matt: “Who are you talking to?”

Me: “Erin”

Matt: “What are you talking about?”

Erin: “Tell Matt to SHUT UP!”

Me: “I’m helping her with her vocabulary words for school.”

Matt: “Vocabulary words??!!” “The only “vocabulary word” Erin needs to know for her Massage Therapy class is Happy Ending!”

Erin: “He better knock it off!” “I am now considered part of the medical community.”

Me: “Erin says she’s part of the medical community now.”

Matt: “BAHHHH!” “Yeah, the same way the guy who cleans up the elephant crap at the circus is part of show business!”

Erin: “That’s it!” “Not only is he not getting any massages from me, I’m going to kick his ass!”

Me: “Erin says she won’t massage you.”

Matt: “So I guess the happy ending’s out?”

Me: “What do you say, Erin?”

Erin: “I’m hanging up now.” “You people are sick bastards!!”

Some of the other posts I am working on are text messages between Matt and I, text messages between Erin and I, and text messages between Matt and Erin.


ChicagoLady said...

Oh to be a fly on the wall in your house!

Jess said...

So, er Matt and Erin have a kinda love/hate relationships then? lol

I love it when people post bits of their conversations! I'm easily amused :P