Friday, December 19, 2008

Awards, Give Aways and Honesty.

So, you would have thought that today was actually Christmas! I got a few awards, 5" of snow and we ALL get an opportunity to smell good! Something I know that you all would appreciate, depending on how long you've been sitting at your computer.

The first award I got today is from Tori over at Torizworld. She is a wonderful friend from across the pond.

It is so fitting for her to give this award, she truly makes lemonade out of life's lemons.
I also got this award from Angi over at Making Memories. I am kind of new to Angi's blog, but we have become fast friends. Go over and give them some bloggy love. (I'm suppose to give this to 10 people, but I can't, see bottom of post)
Isn't it adorable??

The next two awards are from Michelle (Heathersister) over at Tales from the Lunchroom. I think I might have mentioned her and her sister once or twice before. In case you've forgotten, her button is on my sidebar. (Man, I wish I could figure out how to make a button!)

This second award has rules to it, I am suppose to list 10 HONEST things about me. This is going to be tough, I don't know what I haven't already told you. But, here it goes.

1) I will not have anymore children on a count of some medical problems and the fact that I don't want anymore.

2) I don't like being told what to do, EVER!! Much to the dismay of my boss.

3) As much as I like to go out and have a good time, I prefer to stay at home in my pjs.

4) I am incredibly selfish. (I don't want to be, it just happens)

5) I need constant attention, ergo, the blog.

6) I hate being home by myself

7) I resent my sister a little for moving away and leaving me with our parents.

8) My hair is not really this blond (now that's pretty honest)

9) I am completely terrified of bats and wrinkles.

10) (The BIGGIE!!!!) I don't have any teeth, I had them pulled after I had Vivi and I now have dentures. ( It was really hard to tell you that, I don't know why.)

Whooo! Cleansed! That was a lot to go through for an award, but it was worth it.

If you don't have any of these awards and you want them, they are yours! It's the giving season after all. But if you take the honesty one, you have to put down your list. Let me know if you do and I will come over and be your cheering section.

And finally, the Grand Give-away from the Grand Pooba!
Pooba is giving away a fabulous basket from Bath and Body Works. If you haven't yet visited her blog, by all means go! She is so much fun!!

So, there you go. Get some awards, and go enter the give-away.
And if anyone knows how to make a button, I beg of you, please tell me!!


heathersister said...

Wish I could tell you how to make a button. Try Betty at Keeper of the Skies Wife. I think she said a friend helped her make one. She might be able to help.

I love your list. And you really don't like being home by yourself. Man, I love it (once in a while).

angi_b72 said...

wow you are special today!!

dereka3 said...

hhhmmm I guess this is nothing new to me.. lol no doctor tomorrow unless we go after bowling. Way to tired. See you soon.

ChicagoLady said...

Now that's some real honesty! I don't know if I have the guts to put myself out there like that, so I won't take that one.

Sorry I can't help you with a button, I can't even put up a decent post without cussing out blogger at least once.

Anna Lefler said...

Wrinkles and bats. I get it.

Now, what about wrinkled old bats? I need to know if you're scared of them, too, because if you are, I'll have the good manners to wear a bag over my head when I come over to your house.

I'm polite like that.

Awesome honesty! You'll never get the truth out of me, sister! No way!



Tori_z said...

Congrats on all the awards. :)

Cammie said...

I really REALLY love your list! Could have been MY list.