Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas is over and we're all a year older. Well, all of you are a year older, I miraculously have stayed the same age since I was 27.

Christmas Eve was pretty uneventful. My mother came and picked the girls and me up so when Matt got off of work, he could drive down to her house.

We had dinner at her house, Prime Rib, Yorkshire Pudding, and Asparagus. She really is the best cook! She should have a cooking show on The Food Network!

Then we opened presents. I would have pictures, but there is something wrong with our USB cord (can't find it) so I can't post them. (But I promise I will post them as soon as we rectify the situation)

Of course, my mother completely spoiled her grandchildren (not to mention Matt and I) She gave us a Wii and Guitar Hero. I also got a Twilight purse. (That's right, I said purse!!!)

Emerson got a pair of Uggs that I wish fit me and a couple of other really cool things.

Vivi got a toy dog that rolls over and a couple of other fun things.

On Christmas morning, we woke up and Santa had left us two new members to our family; Edward and Bella, 2 Russian Tortoises. And for your information, Emerson named them, not me!

I gotta say, they are really low maintenance. They eat fresh veggies and they only go to the bathroom if you put them in water. They don't bite and they don't make any noise. I highly recommend them as a pet. The only downside is that they will probably out live us all. They are suppose to live about 100 years, so that means they will be willed to my grandchildren.

The girls also got a bunch of other things like movies, toys, Wii games, a guitar and a digital art desk.

After we opened presents, we went to Denny's for breakfast. They have a new breakfast item. They take pancake batter and deep fry it. Then they roll the little balls in cinnamon sugar and serve it with syrup dipping sauce. They're called Pancake Puppies and they're just what the doctor ordered for a very busy Christmas morning along with a bottomless coffee cup.

After breakfast, we went to my dad's house. There, the Emerson got the Leap Frog Crammer. You download tests from your school text books so you can make flash cards and study for any tests. (It also has a built in MP3 player because you can't study without tunes!)

Vivi got the Leap Frog Tag. It's a little pen that you run across the words in one of the Tag books and it reads each word. She LOVES it!

Everyone also got Webkins! The girls each got 2 and Matt and I got 1 each. (That means Matt and I got 2 each because Vivi just likes the stuffed animals)

After my father's house, we took the 1 1/2 HOUR DRIVE to my Mother-in-Law's house. At both of these houses, we weren't expecting to eat. At my dad's, they pulled out the Cheese Goo, which is a dip with pretzels. I can't tell you exactly what's in it but it has cucumbers, french dressing, and cream cheese in it. I don't know why it's called Cheese Goo, I only know that's addicting!

At My Mother-in-Law's house, she made a COMPLETE turkey dinner! We opened presents and the girls got a few outfits, Hannah Montana and Wonder Pets toys.

After that, we we got back in the car and were on our way (ANOTHER 1 1/2 HOURS) to more family's house. We got a call when we were about 40 minutes away to tell us that we shouldn't feel obligated to go there, everyone was getting tired and ready to leave. I was a little disappointed, but also relieved, it had been a really long day. So, we went home and to bed.

On Friday, we got up to an ice storm. I took the girls (carefully) to my work where they played with my boss's new puppy and a friend of theirs, Tyler. Thankfully, work was completely dead and we went home about 2pm.

That was it, our Christmas. And now you know why my favorite day of the year is December 26th.


Becky said...

I can't believe you fit that all in!!!

We looked into the vegetarian type turtle too for my son, but the living 100 year thing scared us off. We seriously have to have a finish line involved as horrible as that sounds. They are really cute, and easy! I almost buckled:)

Holy cow, I need to stay far away from Dennys! That sounds sinfully deliously and fattning.

So glad you had such a wonderful holiday!

Tammy said...

Wow! What a busy day! I thought my day was busy but we only had to go to two houses that are only 20minutes apart. Glad you survived the day!

Jamie said...

Wow! It sounds like it was a great Christmas for your family! The Wii is soooo addicting....I have one and LOVE it! I sooo want to get myself the guitar hero game but it has to wait until later.

Cammie said...

best pet names ever.

LadyStyx said...

Those pancake puppies sound delish!

ChicagoLady said...

OMG, I SO need to go to Denny's for those Pancake Puppies!

Sounds like you got a lot of awesome stuff!

Tori_z said...

Sounds like you all had a fantastic - though exhausting - Christmas!

heathersister said...

Daaaanng girl. How did you fit all the stuff in the car to get it home. Which one of the kids did you have to strap to the roof? Good loot.

Luckily, we split all of our family gatherings up over several days. It's good and bad. We never leave our house on Christmas day and I love it.

Have fun with your Webkinz.

heathersister said...

Oh, and I want to see pictures of Edward and Bella. Great names! Heather and I got matching Edward T-shirts from our mom for a gift. Pictures soon.