Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some Day's Your The Pigeon, Some Days The Statue.

My day started out at 5:45am this morning with my phone ringing. Not a good sign! It was a recording telling me that Emerson's school will be closed today due to the frigid temps. Great!!! Now what am I going to do with her? I don't have a choice, I have to take her to work with me.

Then there was the horrible task of waking everyone up to get them started on their day, it usually goes something like this;

Me (softly so not to startle them) "Good Morning, It's time to get up."


I shake them ever so lovingly and say a smidge louder but not harshly "Hey, did you hear me?" "Time to get up"

They stir slightly.

"Come on guys, let's start moving, Let's go."

I get the rollover.

"Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!"

One eye opens and they grunt, but no other movement.


Matt (stumbling out of bed) "Why do you have to be so mean every morning and yell??" "You could be a little nicer, you know."

While I'm playing my very favorite morning game; Find Emerson's missing glove, Matt sneaks out the door and off to work. That's when I realize that I have no cash and no debit card. What am I going to do for our lunch today?

I scrounged around the kitchen and I came up with 2 mini bagels, a jar of peanut butter, and a can of Chef Boyardee Macaroni and Cheese. It was gonna have to do. I tell Emerson to grab some movies and the portable DVD player and off we went.

After the freezing ride, I walked into work only to find that the time clock is broken. Not really a concern to anyone else, BECAUSE I DO THE PAYROLL!! Thankfully, someone took it upon themselves to put a legal pad and pen there so I will be able to manually put all the punches in. Very kind of them.

I walked to my desk only to hear my friend and coworker, Katie, tell me "No Internet, no email"

Great! Half of my list of things to do today require Internet, and the other half requires email.

I get Emerson situated under my desk with a bagel, a cup of hot chocolate and the movie "Ant Bully" when I stand up, I am face to face with one of the Vice-Presidents.

VP: "No school today?"

Me: "No, it's too cold so they closed." "I didn't want to not come in at all, so I just brought her with me"

VP: "Of course, it's fine that she's here."

Thank GOD!!

Just then the fax machine started making this really loud banging noise that's been going on for a couple of days. It still works, it just sounds like there is a bird in there pecking out the faxes on stone, like on "The Flintstones".

Katie: "Michael was asking me if you called about the fax machine."

Me: "Of course I called, I talked to the company 4 times yesterday, someone should be out today."

Katie: "That's what I told him, but I think he wants to hear it from you."

Me: "Great!"

Me: "Hey Michael, the guy will be out today to fix the fax machine, but it's $119 an hour not including parts."

After Michael breathed into a paper bag for a few minutes, he was OK with it. (He really should stop micro-managing me, things could get pretty ugly around here)

The phone rings and it's my sister Erin.

Erin: "Hey, I just talked to mom and she was in an accident this morning."

Me: "Is she OK?!!?"

Erin: "She says she fine, but she's with the police and the bus driver and she couldn't talk. Then she hung up."

Me: "She hit a bus??!!!!"

Erin: "I don't know, I guess."

Me: "Is her car drivable?"

Erin: "I don't know, call her and find out and call me back." (Not that she can do anything about it from Florida)

All I can think of is my poor mother standing on the side of the road freezing. I call her but all I get is voicemail.

My phone rings again, this time it's my father. He saw that I had called earlier (I was hoping that he could take Em today)

He informs me that he didn't have any heat from 3AM Tuesday to last night. Knowing what my husband does for a living, I don't know why he called me after the fact, but what's done is done.

Erin calls back and I tell her that she needs to spend a month up here just dealing with our parents because I am exhausted!!!

Finally, my mother calls. She is fine, there is only a scratch on her car. She didn't hear the phone because she was sitting on the bus with the bus driver. They talked. His daughter just graduated from Michigan State and she's decided that she's not going to have kids, but he does have a grand daughter from his other daughter...that's when I cut her off.


I went to go heat up the Mac and Cheese for Em. I put it in the microwave and it was on for about 5 seconds then it just stopped. I try again, nothing. CRAAAAPPPPP!!!! Emerson has to eat the other mini bagel with peanut butter for lunch.

The rest of the afternoon went about the same as the morning. The fax dude came and spent literally 5 minutes fixing it. (It will still cost at least $119) Internet and email were still down and the microwave went to appliance heaven.

About 4pm, I had enough and Emerson was coming dangerously close to being murdered by me at my place of business. So, we went home.

Are you ready for the best piece of information??? About 5 minutes ago, we got the phone call saying that Emerson's school is closed again tomorrow.

I could say *&$% my life, but I think I'll take Lady GaGa's advice and "Just Dance"


LadyStyx said...

Oh just did NOT stop today, did it? *HUGZ* Although the kiddo is home tomorrow, I hope things are better for you.

Anonymous said...

Soooo, are you saying you were the statue today? lol

The Blue Ridge Gal

Nana said...

Oh boy, sounds fun. I have the same thing going on w/ my parents. In fact they live in our MIL apartment. Before we had dad's drivers lisence taken away he hit a guy on a bike, not to mention several other things. I hope your mom is o.k. sounds like she made a new friend.

Grand Pooba said...

Wow, sucky day! Tomorrow can only get better right? Glad your mom is okay!

Summer said...

Maybe somethings in the air....

Cammie said...

oh my.

Intense Guy said...


"Just keep swimming
Just keep swimming
Swim, swim, swim
Just keep swimming"

Hope you are the PIGEON today!

Tori_z said...


Hope today is a better day for you!

heathersister said...

First of all, how the F*#@ did I miss this post yesterday??

Anyway, glad your mom is OK, but that is funny she had a nice chit chat with the bus

I take Morgan to work with me when he has a delay or no school. He hates to be home alone. On delay days I have to go in early so I can leave to take him to school and come back. But, it's no big deal to have him at work with me 'cause it's full of kids. lol

I will be sooooo glad when we are all at the same school next year. We are in different districts now and don't always get the same days off.

Hope today (Friday) was better.

heathersister said...

From now on, treat 'em like cats and use a spray bottle to wake 'em up!

ChicagoLady said...

Your day was worse than mine on Thursday, and I was up at 4am to catch a flight at O'Hare! I'm glad your mom was ok.

And what about Vivi on Thursday/Friday?