Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Think It Might Be A Blessing? Yes, Definitely A Blessing!

As most of you know, I have had a tough time with work recently. If you're new, or you forgot, go here...and here...and also here.

But today at 3pm, I was taken by total surprise, I was fired.

They called my co-worker/friend Katie and myself in the office, gave us some sob story about sales being down and then abruptly let us both go. That leave only HER working in the office. She is the only one to answer the phones, do the data entry, all of the Office Manager duties (which I hadn't trained her on completely), and the monthly close. All I can say is that THEY ARE SCREWED!!!!!

I am not surprised that I got fired after 7 years, I'm surprised how I handled it. I felt nothing. Not upset, not angry, not sad, nothing. My ex-boss stood over me while I packed up 7 years of crap from my desk and then told me I could go around and say goodbye. I wasn't interested, I just left.

The really interesting part of all of this is that Matt and I were talking last night and I was telling him that I felt totally adrift. I hated my job since the demotion, but I was too scared to leave. I didn't want to stay, but I couldn't start over at a new administration position at another company. I thought about going back to school, but the only thing that was at all do-able with a full time job was to get a degree online. But when I looked into it, there was nothing that interested me. The one thing I definitely don't want to do is to get stuck in another "job". I don't want to get up and go somewhere just to go.

I want to have a career that I could at least develop a passion for. I definitely need to something creative. But what? I truly owe it to myself to explore my options.

Do you remember when I interviewed Emerson and Vivi and neither one of them could tell you what I did for a living? What kind of life is that?

It has been suggested by a few people that I write. But how do you parlay a small blog into a writing career?

I can tell you what I'm doing this summer. I will be spending the whole summer with my girls. I am going to unemployment tomorrow for the first time in my life and I got a small severance package. I am taking time to figure out where my niche is.

Do you think Johnny Depp needs a personal assistant?


Becky said...

I think EVERYTHING happens for a reason, and that there is a plan for you. Maybe it took this to happen for you next path to be able to open up to you. How exciting. You have the right perspective!

Anonymous said...

Definitely go to school!!! Don't put it off nor drag your feet... go next fall. It will exhilerate you. I think you knew in your heart this was coming when they demoted you. From every post I read about it, my thoughts were that your company would be laying you off. Sucks, but... this is honestly a good thing for you and your family... so many opportunites in the medical world. Have you considered it? My step-mom went back to school to be a claims processor when she was in her 50's and makes very good money at it. Just a thought.

Thinking about you.
The Blue Ridge Gal

Lacey said...

I totally saw it coming... it was the only thing that made sense (not that any of it made sense, but you know).

You should definitely go back to school! As far as online college goes, I absolutely loved my time at Thomas Edison State College in NJ. The main draw for me was that they took all my AZ community college credits (plus, obviously, it was all online, which I THRIVED ON). I don't know if they have any "creative" courses outside of general liberal arts, but really, I can't stop yelling their praises. It's cheaper than a state university, most of the teachers are really nice and helpful, the atmosphere is 100% ADULT (as in, no teeny-boppers who care more about their boyfriends' cars than their education)... It was an awesome experience (no matter how much I bitched about it on my blog, haha).

Either way, I would DEFINITELY take this as a blessing! There is SO MUCH MORE out there for you, and I know whatever you put your mind to will turn out absolutely fabulous.

There's a quote... I think it's by James Byrnes... it goes, "Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. They seem to be more afraid of life than death." Sometimes we just need a push in the right direction (no matter how scary it is) to remind us of that!


Kimmy said...

t does sound like a blessing! I actually had a similar situation 12 yrs ago and you know, it was a blessing I had been fired too cause I probably would have still been there.

I am so happy for you and this is a start to a new you so that you can find your passion! :o)

Enjoy your summer with your girls! You deserve it :o)

Ribbon said...

Congratualtions on your great attitude! I wish you a summer filled with fun and love. I'm sure some time away from your usual work environment will encourage you to be inspired about your future pursuits.

best wishes

Jamie said...

Everything happens for a reason. This is the closing of one chapter of your life and now you get to start a new chapter. I bet in a month or two the old job will be seriously missing you when she screws things up badly. I really like the idea of going back to school. Have an awesome summer with your girls and an awesome weekend too.

P.S. Sorry I've been a bad bloggy pal...Got really busy and then I took a little time for myself so I didn't burn myself out.

Deanna said...

I'm not surprised you felt nothing. They took the fire you felt for the job out of you - you had nothing that mattered.

Your attitude about it is spot on!

Intense Guy said...

I'm sure your summer will be filled with fun and laughs - a special time with your girls.

Don't that "don't feel anything" thing go on too long -

And hey... You gotta ask Johnny Depp... shoot him a resume'... You just never know. And if nothing else, you might get a signed letter from him.

*Hugs* Hang in there - you've got lots of support(ers) - give a shout if ya need any.

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm 100% agreeing... a total blessing here! No sense being miserable! And maybe God sensing your fear just gave you the best push of your life to change some things - school, a new career - whatever it is, you arent held back by this mess of a work place anymore! And oh yeah - sounds like they really are TOTALLY SCREWED! Do you smile when you think of that? hehe!!

HiHoOhio said...

If Johnny needed an assistant, he would call YOU for sure! Keep your chin up!

Nana said...

I am glad you are rid of that place! It probably is a blessing that you got let go, now you are free. I know you need money but you also need to be appreciated and love what you are doing. I think you will have a great Summer.

Maricris Zen Mama said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. I seem to be in the same "phase" right now: not happy with my job but afraid of losing it same time. I think that the best part of it is that you do get to enjoy more time with your daughters. I'm sure that there is a reason behind all these. Hang in there. So will I :)

Heather said...

Becky, I love that you can see the blessings and the humor in this (they are screwed!).

I agree with you, and all the other commenters; this is such a God thing. The fact that you are so at peace with it says it all.

Enjoy your summer. Enjoy your girls. God has a plan. Maybe it even involves Johnny...

The Devil's Daughter-In-Law said...

No way!

Your attitude is awesome, though! I hope you have a great summer and can look back on this soon as one of the best blessings in disguise ever!

ChicagoLady said...

Keep your chin up, enjoy the summer with your girls (making memories that will last forever), and think long and hard about all your options and opportunities. School is definitely an option, and isn't Obama promising money to mothers so they can go back to school?

Best of luck to you in your new career, whatever it may be!

LadyStyx said...

Goodness. Yup, they screwed. So how long before they come crawling back to you OR they have to close their doors because dimwit doesn't have a clue? Heh. Not that it matters, I suspect you'd flip 'em the bird and tell 'em how best to eff themselves.

Good for you for handling it the way you did. Even better that you're taking time for yourself and your family.

Queenie Jeannie said...

I applaud your attitude!!! You've done enough worrying and crying over this job/company and you don't need to waste another second doing any more!

Enjoy your summer and see where things sit when they go back to school. I'm betting something fabulous turns up, just for YOU! Hugs!!!!

heathersister said...

Awww Becky, God luv ya. You enjoy your summer and your perfect job will come along when you least expect it.