Thursday, February 12, 2009

The "HUH?" Moment at Walmart

For Emerson's concert she was going to wear saddle shoes. Because the concert was being held in the gym/cafeteria, the teachers wanted the kids to wear white gym shoes.

Not being one for conventional footwear (wonder where she get that from?) Emerson doesn't own white gym shoes.

Currently, these are what she's sporting on her ever pampered tootsies.

Not very 50'sish, right? That's what we thought too.

So, off to Walmart we went to pick up a pair of white, but not lame, '50 style shoes.

We were in luck, they had a whole shelf jammed packed with a style of white shoe that was deemed acceptable. We got Em's size, she tried them on and off to check out we went.

After waiting in line, the checkout lady grabbed the shoes and scanned them. All of a sudden the register started beeping and a little piece of paper popped out.

Did I win something? Was I the 1 zillionth customer?

The checkout lady grabs the shoes and the piece of paper and this is how it went.

Lady: "I can't sell you these shoes."

Me: "What?"

Lady: " I'm sorry, the register told me I can't sell you these shoes."

Me (looking around): "Am I on Candid Camera?"

Lady: "Let me see if I can get the Manager for you."
She fruitlessly waves her arms at the Manager who is on the phone and doing her best to ignore us.

Me: "Look, Did my husband talk to you? Because let me tell you, he's a huge liar from way back! I don't care what he says, I don't have a problem with buying shoes! I CAN QUIT ANYTIME I WANT!!!!!!"

The poor checkout lady's eyes get really big and she starts speaking slowly as if she's talking to a toddler.

Lady: "No Ma'am, there is something wrong with the shoes, they are recalled and I can't sell them to you."

Me: "Oh, well why didn't you say that in the first place? I don't want defective shoes, we'll just be on our way then."

I grab Emerson by the hand and we practically ran out the door and across the street to Target. They, of course, don't have white, not lame, 50's style shoes. But we got this pair instead. I think they're a little more 60's style, but we're talking about 4th grade here. No one is auditioning for Hairspray or Grease.

When we got to the checkout at Target, you can call me gun shy, but this is how the conversation went.

Checkout Lady: "That will be $13.26."

Me: "So, you're going to sell me the shoes?"

Lady: "Ummm... yeah, do you still want them?"

Me: "Oh, yes!"

Lady: "Then it will be $13.26."

Me: "Thank you so much!!!"

Lady: "Ummm....Have a good day?"

I'm not sure but I think I managed to get my picture up in both Walmart and Target yesterday. A most impressive feat!!


Nana said...

Yeah I think not only did you get your picture taken in both stores, but next time you go back a funny man in a trench coat will be following you around.

Yes, we will be pinning the tail on the donkey also.

Lacey said...

Why on earth would shoes be recalled? I mean, unless they maybe have faulty 8-inch heels, or falsely claim to be flame-retardant or something...

Nevermind. It's Wal-Mart. I once got kicked out of Wal-Mart for trying to by vodka with my SEVEN YEAR OLD cousin. Like, HELLO, I'm obviously buying alcohol because I have to deal with this out-of-control kid, I'm not buying it FOR the kid! Sheesh! What kind of person do you think I am?!


Lacey said...

And by "by" I meant "buy." (Drinks more.)

Donnetta said...

Oh my gosh - what I wouldn't give for a pic of the Wal-mart cashier's face!! "My husband's a liar" - too funny!

I love the Target shoes!

R Susanna said...

Yep. I think the Wal-Mart and Target rent a cops will be watching out for you. I hate it when that kind of stuff happens and I'm in a big hurry.

Anna Lefler said...

Way to get flagged by security in two major stores!

They'll be watching for you on the security cameras next time you walk in.

(Wear something nice. Or really silly.)



Becky said...

Gosh I hope husbands can't really do that.

Something to ponder...

Kimmy said...

I think I would have gone off on the Wal-mart chick had she talked to me like a toddler. I hate when they don't explain the situation. I would have expected that from a man, not a know, the lack of info at first.

Good for you for heading to Target! That's my store anyways. I avoid Wal-mart at all cost.

ChicagoLady said...

Keep in mind, Wal Mart probably had those shoes brought in from China. What's the big deal about China these days? Lead. The shoes have probably been recalled because they can't certify that there isn't anything toxic in them, just in case your child likes to lick their shoes. Because we all did that as children, didn't we?

Anonymous said...

Impressive feat? or impressive feet? Just being silly...

Emerson's new shoes are flashy and fun. Hope she likes them.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Heather said...

I love it! Can you ever really understand what happens in Wal-mart? I think not.

Of course Target didn't have any lame shoes. 'Cause Target is cool like that. Clearly, since they at least sold you the shoes.

Tori_z said...

See, this is why I hate shopping! ;)

LadyStyx said...

Gotta love when they've flagged the product in the computer system and have failed to get the info to the clerks to have then items removed from the shelves in a timely manner.....